Student looking through camera viewfinder.

Recent students have won scholarships in regional and nationwide competitions through organizations such as the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Women Journalists, the Dallas Press Club, the International Radio & TV Society, the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, and the Advertising Education Foundation of Houston.

In addition, each semester, the Department of Mass Communication awards nearly $10,000 in scholarships to incoming and current students.

The Fain Foundation provides scholarships for students in all four majors in the college of Fine Arts. The foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, allowing dozens of financially strapped students to complete their degrees. Each year, the faculty select about a dozen students for Fain scholarships.

Tres Hood graduated from MSU with a degree in mass communication in 1991. Tres was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1998, at age 31. Since 1999, the faculty have awarded a scholarship in his memory.

Suzanne Espinosa graduated from MSU with a degree in mass communication in 1993. Later that year, Susie passed away unexpectedly. In 1994, her parents established this scholarship in her memory and the faculty award a scholarship in her memory annually.

Through the Mass Communication department, substantial scholarships are available to students who meet the minimum requirements as well as to promising prospective students. 

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