Faculty Development Grant

The Faculty Development Grant (FDG) is designed to encourage and support innovations in teaching, research or service, and improvements in student engagement. The grant is intended for efforts above and beyond normal faculty responsibilities and to assist faculty in developing innovative pedagogy and research.

Faculty Development Grants were created to encourage:

Teaching Innovation: Encourages faculty to expand their pedagogical knowledge and expertise.

Research Innovation: Expands the knowledge of the faculty member in their area of expertise, and has the potential to relate to class instruction, and course and degree development in both undergraduate and/or graduate academics.

Service Innovation: Enables faculty to participate, educate, coordinate or collaborate in a manner which has an impact on teaching, research or engagement.

Engagement: Focuses primarily on observed student learning deficiencies or problems.

Award Information

Duration: One year

Estimated number of Awards: 5+, funds permitting

Anticipated Funding Amount: A maximum of $1,500 per applicant for supplies, software, hardware, databases, travel, speakers, etc.

Submission deadlines for the Faculty Development Grant Applications are 
August 31st, January 31st and April 30th of each academic year.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Paul San Miguel, Chair, paul.sanmiguel@msutexas.edu

Dr. Niyati Kataria, niyati.kataria@msutexas.edu

Dr. Pablo Garcia-Fuentes, pablo.fuentes@msutexas.edu

Dr. Jie Zhang, jie.zhang@msutexas.edu