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The accounting major prepares students for entry into the accounting profession. Accounting is the "language of business" and is important in every type of organization.  The insights provided by an in-depth preparation in accounting are an important addition to the management capabilities of entrepreneurs and managers. Individuals who do well in this area generally enjoy working with the development and analysis of financial information.

About the Department

Many graduates of this program complete the requirements for becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) and work for public accounting firms.  Public accountants may perform audits, do management consulting and prepare financial statements and tax returns.  Accountants in private industry may do financial statement and tax return preparation for their companies, or may perform internal audits.  Corporate accountants are often also responsible for gathering information to assist management decision-making.  Still others work in specialized areas of accounting such as public utilities, federal, state, and local government, and non-profit organizations. With additional preparation in finance or MIS, accounting majors can seek jobs in financial analysis and accounting systems design.  An undergraduate accounting degree is an excellent foundation for further study of business administration at the graduate level.  It also is a good preparation for the study of law, particularly corporate and tax law.

Degree Plans for a major in Accounting

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