Core Curriculum
  1. Effective communication in multiple contexts
  2. Problem-solving, analysis and synthesis of information
  3. Cultural competence for adaptability in the workplace
  1. Identify complex problems, develops underling assumptions, and assembles relevant information to make a decision
  2. Take leadership and motivate team members to produce excellent work
  3. Make persuasive, well-supported oral and written cases based on good analysis of the topic

  1. Lead effectively through inspiring others, generating creative ideas, successful planning, and working well under pressure
  2. Critically analyze business situations and develop creative solutions
  3. Confidently and concisely communicate compelling and appropriate information
  4. Master skills for professional success in a dynamic environment

  1. Accounting
  2. Economics
  3. Energy Management
  4. Finance
  5. General Business
  6. Management
  7. Marketing
  8. Management Information Systems