Web Guidelines

The quality of the information published online has a direct effect on the reputation and image of Midwestern State University (MSU Texas). Developed collaboratively by the Office of Marketing & Public Information, the Office of Webmaster, and the Department of Information Technology (IT), these guidelines are necessary both to ensure consistency in the presentation and quality of MSU Texas information online.

All web resources on the MSU Texas network must comply with these guidelines, all applicable MSU Texas, federal, state, and local laws, regulations and policies.

The procedures below represent a comprehensive set of web publishing guidelines that applies to all web resources on the MSU Texas network.

Official Web Resources

Official web resources include any data, information, application, or tool published on the Internet by colleges, schools, departments, or other areas of MSU Texas to support the mission/business operations of the University.

Each official web resource must have a web content owner, with responsibilities to keep the web site up to date.

Information on copyright, prohibited content, security, and privacy.

Official MSU Texas web resources must be accessible to everyone.

Recommendations and resources for graphics on your web site.

Information on copyright, prohibited content, security, and privacy.

Getting web space, requesting custom URLs, using the CMS, and promoting your site within MSU Texas.