Social media collage of icons

Social Media for Academics
Dillard College of Business Administration facebook twitter Instagram
English facebook    
Global Education facebook logo instagram logo
Harvey School of Visual Arts Instagram
History facebook
McCoy College of Science, Math & Engineering twitter
Music facebook Instagram
Political Science twitter  
Student Undergraduate Research instagram logo
Theatre facebook Instagram
Wichitan facebook twitter Instagram
West College of Education facebook logo twitter logo instagram logo
World Languages & Cultures Instagram



Campus Services
Social Media for Campus Services
Admissions twitter Instagram
Alumni Association facebook  
Burns Fantasy of Lights facebook
Campus Dining twitter Instagram
Human Resources facebook logo
Moffett Library facebook twitter Instagram
MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center facebook twitter Instagram
Redwine Student Wellness Center facebook twitter logo Instagram
Residence Hall Association Instagram
Residence Life and Housing facebook twitter Instagram
Small Business Development Center  facebook twitter
Student Government Association Instagram
Student Leadership & Involvement facebook twitter Instagram
Tutoring and Academic Support Programs (TASP) Instagram
University Programming Board Instagram
Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU  facebook twitter Instagram



Social Media for Athletics
Athletics facebook twitter logo Instagram
Basketball (Men's)  twitter Instagram
Basketball (Women's)    twitter logo Instagram
Cross Country and Track & Field instagram logo
Cycling facebook Instagram
Football   twitter  
Soccer (Men's)   Instagram
Soccer (Women's) Instagram
Softball Instagram
Student Athlete Advisory Committee instagram logo
Tennis facebook
Volleyball twitter Instagram

Are we missing a social media account? Have you changed social media handles recently? Please email us at and let us know which account to add or what account needs removal. Social Media accounts must be registered with the university to be included in the Social Media directory. Social media accounts inactive for more than five months are automatically removed. New social media accounts must go through social media and ADA training and follow the guidelines.