A National Search for the Next MSU Texas President

The enclosed Hardin Administration Building breezeway featured four large glass windows designed logos and icons distinctive to MSU Texas.

In September 2021, the Texas Tech University System (TTU System) Board of Regents and Chancellor announced the formation of a 12-member search committee to conduct a national search for the next President of Midwestern State University (MSU Texas). The committee is led by Mark Griffin, vice chairman and current member of the TTU System Board of Regents, and consists of individuals representing multiple MSU Texas and TTU System constituencies, including regents, former regents, faculty, students, deans, staff, donors, alumni, and community members.

In order to advance the mission of MSU Texas, as well as its significant momentum, ongoing growth and development, the Search Committee is charged with the process of identifying potential candidates, assisting with initial screenings and ensuring their respective constituency groups are kept updated on the progress of the search.

On Oct. 12-13, the committee led town hall meetings with MSU Texas and Wichita Falls community members to share an overview of the search process. The meetings allowed the committee to gather valuable input and feedback that will help identify the type of leader who has the experience and priorities that will best serve MSU Texas and its students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

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To fulfill this charge, all members of the Search Committee have signed a Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement to protect the integrity of the search process and that prohibits them from publicly identifying any person who is being considered for the position.

The Search Committee also is charged with submitting to the Board of Regents and Chancellor one or more highly qualified candidate(s). The Board of Regents, with a recommendation from the Chancellor, will determine which finalist for the position will be publicly named as the sole finalist.


State Laws & Public Notice

Texas state law protects the identity of any applicant for the MSU Texas President position until the applicant is named a finalist for the position. The same state law requires that, for a president of a public higher education institution in Texas, public notice of the name of any finalist must be given at least 21 days before the date on which final action is taken to employ the person.

In selecting and announcing a finalist for the MSU Texas President position, the TTU System will follow its established practice of the Chancellor and the Board of Regents reviewing recommendations of the Search Committee and making a determination of which finalist will be publicly announced. The announcement of one finalist is a long-standing practice used by the TTU System for President and Chancellor searches and a process that also is followed by most other public university systems in Texas.