The Noise Policy is established to serve a number of different types of audiences.  Some library users require as much silence as possible while others due to the nature of their work/activity do need to talk.  The following policy is to enable both groups to happily coexist with each respecting the others environmental needs.

Floor one:

The first floor is low level of noise.  There is a circulation department and other public service areas.  While perfect silence is not practical, there are a number of study areas for individuals and small groups, 2-4 people.  If whispering and quiet voices predominate both talking and study can coexist.

Floor two:

The second floor has study rooms for individuals and reserve space for groups.  This floor is targeted towards group projects and group study.  This will result in relatively a high volume of conversation; yet, if some groups appear to be out of hand, please contact the reference librarian at the 1st floor reference desk so that groups are mindful that their activity is making it difficult that other groups can study and work together.

Floor three:

The third floor has large areas for individual who require virtual silence.  Studying on this floor should not result in voices that are heard throughout the 3rd floor or at such a volume that students working by themselves out in the open are disturbed.


Public service areas on 1st and 2nd floors will by necessity be noisier than other areas in the building.  Use headphones when operating equipment that has the potential to disturb others.