These are the guidelines to help determine which items in the Curriculum Materials Library should be withdrawn from Moffett Library's holdings.

I. Physical Condition:

Moffett Library will consider weeding from the Curriculum Materials collection:

  1. Books that appear old, which might discourage use
  2. Badly bound books with soft, pulpy paper
  3. Badly printed works, including those with small print, dull or faded print, cramped margins, poor illustrations, paper that is translucent (so that the print from the previous page shows through)
  4. Worn-out volumes whose pages are dirty, brittle, and/or yellowed
  5. Mutilated books (which would cost more to repair than replace)
  6. Broken or missing pieces of a kit or interactive book

II. Number of copies in the collection:

Some titles might be intentionally purchased as multiple copies, if heavy usage is anticipated. Some duplicates are received as gifts. If demand continues, one or more copies of a title might be retained. Weeding may occur if:

  1. Duplicate is unneeded
  2. Additional copy is exact duplicate except for date, place, or print
  3. Copy is a cheap reprint
  4. Copy is an older edition (with no historical significance)

III. Expired knowledge/ideas:

Any textbook that contains out-of-date information and/or any book that portrays negative stereotypes or prejudicial ideas or biases will be carefully reviewed and considered for either historical archival or disposal.

IV. Format:

If the library has the same title in eBook form, a worn physical copy will be considered for weeding.

V. Language:

Recognizing that the students, staff, and faculty of Midwestern State University come from many diverse cultures, a text language other than English will not be considered an automatic reason for withdrawal.

VI. Value to the collection:

Even though they meet other guidelines for weeding, certain titles will not be withdrawn, if they are recognized as classics and/or have won any awards for children’s literature, such as the Caldecott or John Newbery medal.

VII. Partial series

Some items are volumes of a greater series, which the collection may not own in its completion. If the title is part of a series but a vast majority are not owned, the librarian will determine if the rest of the series needs to be collected or if the title is better off discarded.

VIII. Unique purpose or perspective/fulfill a subject: 

  1. The Curriculum Materials collection contains significant material used by the institution’s Education department. Any material specifically requested for any such course must be kept, though the librarian and the instructor will decide if an updated print or better condition item is necessary.
  2. In the case that an item is the only representative of a certain subject, fulfills a role as an educational kit, or represents unique content, the item should be kept.

IX. Usage (especially within the past five years):

Titles might be kept for frequent circulation. Moffett Library will most likely retain any title which has circulated even once in the last five years.

CML Weeding Policy Amended/Adapted by Joseph C McNeely: March 2022