In order to achieve that commitment, the staff conforms to the standards set by the American Library Association. Extensive information on access and privacy issues can be found on the association's webpage Intellectual and Academic Freedom Statements and Policy page.

This obligation is accepted by Midwestern State University's Moffett Library which has resolved that:

  • Personal details of clients (including residential and employment status and the nature of individual information requests) may not be released or distributed without the consent of the client
  • No information is to be given out with regard to who has borrowed particular material, who has the item on loan at the moment, or who has placed a hold on it
  • Borrower's cards can give access to personal and private information which must not be made available to anyone but the borrower. They are not to be given to anyone except the borrower indicated on the card.

In situations in which either the state of Texas or U. S. government personnel, campus police or university administration request information about whether clients have borrowed certain library materials, the requestor should be referred to the University Librarian.