The IELI program has only one term currently year: Fall. The program is designed for students to complete in one academic year or less. 

IELI Terms

  • Fall (Two eight-Week Courses)
  • Please note: The IELI does NOT recommend beginning a term after classes have begun. The courses provided are highly intensive, and you will miss a lot of valuable information. If you have a scheduling conflict, please contact the program coordinator as soon as possible for further information. 
  • Community learners or students not on an F-1 visa are welcome to start classes as soon as they are able. Please contact the IELI office. Prorated tuition is available for those students. 

A student may begin taking classes at the start of any semester. Please note that if you are an F1 Visa student and do not arrive within the first two days of classes, you risk not being placed in a class even if you have received an acceptance letter and taken your exams. If you need to arrive late, please make arrangements with the Global Education Office before the semester begins.