Do you need to submit a student alert?

Student alerts can be submitted for various reasons including but not limited to poor attendance, conduct, participation, or grades and will either be directed to TASP or The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities depending on the nature of the alert and the category selected. You'll receive correspondence from the appropriate office making note of the actions taken and student response via the comment section of the alert.

Alerts are submitted via Navigate. Please contact the faculty champion in your area for more information. 


Would you like to have a tutor visit your class to discuss tutoring on campus? 

Submit a classroom visit request   


Do you have an exceptional student in class you'd like to refer as a tutor?

Please have the student complete an application and return to our office. If time allows, please consider sending a brief recommendation email on the student's behalf to


TASP Tutor Application 


Do you have a project or assignment sheet you'd like someone to review? 

The writing tutors in our Learning Center serve the whole campus--faculty and staff included! If you'd like a fresh set of eyes on your professional work or even assignment sheets for class, tutors are standing by and ready to assist.


Would you like a statement about what we do to use on your syllabus? 

Feel free to copy/paste the blurb below!

Tutoring Support 

Tutoring and Academic Support Programs (TASP) provides free drop-in tutoring for MSU students. Located on the first floor of Moffett Library, TASP's Learning center provides tutoring support in a number of core courses and subject areas. Please see our schedule for more information about times and offerings. Remember that you don't need an appointment to utilize these services.

Some departments also provide tutoring. Check the "Tutoring at MSU" tab in the portal for more information about all campus tutoring opportunities. 

For Distance Education students, TASP has partnered with Thinkingstorm, an online tutoring company that provides you with high-quality, 24/7 tutoring support. Located at the top of your D2L course page, select the Distance Education Tutoring course to book an appointment with a tutor. If you are a distance education student (i.e. you live more than 50 miles from MSU and are in all online courses), but you do not see this course pop up under your courses, please contact Ashley Hurst. 


Writing Resources

The Internet offers an overwhelming selection of resources for writers, so to save you time and anxiety, I’ve listed some good resources below; if you would like to recommend a site, please email the link.

Non-profit Guides provides free tools for grant writers; the website includes information about general guidelines as well as sample proposals.  It also provides links to external grant resources.

This website provides a comprehensive overview of the grant process.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) hosted by Purdue University has long been an exceptional resource for writers; this page specifically targets professional writers and provides feedback for a variety of writing situations, audiences, and purposes.

This site provides mini-lessons to help develop a more concise and clearer professional writing style.