In the event of an emergency please dial 911 or contact the MSU Texas Police Department at 940-397-4239.


The Texas Radiation Control Program's 24-hour emergency number is 512-458-7460.

Radiation Safety Policies

It is the policy of Midwestern State University to protect the health and safety of students, staff and faculty while engaged in the educational and research activities of the University.  The goal of radiation safety policies is to establish procedures for the purchase, use, and disposal of radioactive materials (RAM), radiation-producing devices (RPD), and/or lasers.

All faculty, staff, and students who utilize RAM, RPD, or lasers as defined in this policy shall comply with MSU's Radiation Safety Policy. 

Other applicable policies include:

Contact Information

MSU separates responsibility for radiation safety based on the type of instrument used. Phone number and an email link appear below:

Radiation Safety Training is provided on an as-needed basis and is conducted by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and/or the Industrial Radiation Safety Officer (IRSO)

The RSO and IRSO are authorized to make routine inspections of laboratory areas where RAM, RPD, and/or lasers are used. The RSO and IRSO are authorized by the Radiation Safety Committee to prohibit work in any area in which there is unsafe and/or unauthorized use of RAM, RPD, and/or lasers.

The disposal of RAM is strictly controlled by .  Specific procedures that must be followed are contained in the following sources:

To assure compliance with these regulations, materials will be disposed of only after consultation with the approval of the RSO and/or IRSO.