Risk Management & Safety


The Environmental Health and Safety office is responsible for planning, implementing and administering the University's health and safety program, and for providing supportive technical consultation, training, investigation, and inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by federal, state and local laws and regulations. Its primary functions are to assist the University community in meeting health and safety responsibilities, to prevent or reduce injuries, and to identify and eliminate environmental hazards and dangerous conditions for students, faculty, and staff on campus.

NOTE: The above safety programs and policies are to be used as guidance documents to promote a safe educational and work environment. This site is for informational purposes for Midwestern State University staff, faculty, and students only. Any federal, state or local regulation more stringent than these requirements will automatically take precedence over these documents as applicable


All work related injuries should be reported to your supervisor.

To receive medical treatment for a work related injury and file a workers compensation claim, please call Sara Webb at ext. 4649

Worker's Compensation Injury Forms


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