A laboratory is a facility or room where potentially hazardous chemicals, biological agents, or sources of energy such as lasers, high voltage and radiation are used and scientific experimentation, research, or education occurs.

Faculty, staff and students working in laboratories are tasked with:

  1. Indicating by signature that they have been notified of the location(s) of the CHP and understand all safety locations and are willing to abide by them;
  2. Following all health and safety standards, standard operating procedures (SOP) and rules established in the CHP as communicated by staff and faculty;
  3. Reporting all hazardous conditions to the supervising faculty or staff;
  4. Wearing and using prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE);
  5. Reporting any illness or job-related injuries to the supervising faculty or staff;
  6. Requesting information and training if not sure about proper operational procedures;
  7. Monitoring the workplace to identify environmental health and safety concerns