Are there gaps in your road to mathematics literacy?

Students start MSU math courses with a wide range of mathematical backgrounds. Students with solid backgrounds do better than students with holes or gaps. There are many reasons for those gaps.

  • You missed something due to an illness or other special circumstances.
  • You are rusty in some area because you have not practiced it for a long time.
  • You made it through your last math course successfully, but you are a little fuzzy on
    some of the things covered in that course.
  • You already tried a course before but just were not ready.
  • You took your last course through an "easy" route to get a good grade, but did not learn all of what you needed to know for the next course.

The Bridge to Mathematics Program can help you get ready for your next math course at MSU Texas. This program helps you find the gaps in your mathematical preparation and gives you the opportunity to fill in those gaps before the semester begins. If you need to recover from a bad grade in a math course, this might be the right place to start over. If you do well you might be able to place out of your next math course.

Don't know which Mathematics course to take?

Should you take College Algebra or Precalculus? Should you take Precalculus or Trigonometry? If you have met the prerequisite for Calculus should you dive right in or would you be better off with a semester of Precalculus first? The Bridge to Mathematics Program can help you decide.

Click the Bridge to Mathematics to learn more and find out how to participate.