Proficiency Exam Schedule and Information for 2023

Who can take a proficiency exam?

Math proficiency exams are for students who wish to take higher level math classes. Students are not allowed to take a proficiency exam for any course in which he/she has had college level instruction.

What credit will I receive?

Proficiency exams are available for the following courses:

  • MATH 1233 College Algebra (TCCNS=MATH 1314)
  • MATH 1433 Plane Trigonometry (TCCNS=MATH 1316)
  • MATH 1534 Precalculus (TCCNS=MATH 2412)

If a student feels that his/her algebra background is good, but has not had much trigonometry, the student should take the College Algebra Proficiency exam and upon passing that exam, take Trigonometry.

Any student wishing to begin in Calculus I must either pass the College Algebra and Trigonometry proficiency exams, or pass the Precalculus proficiency exam

How do I schedule the exam?

The proficiency exam dates are listed on the Proficiency Exam Schedule. Locations for the exam are also listed on the schedule.

What does the proficiency exam cover?

Exam content is described on the Proficiency Exam Schedule. A graphing calculator is required for the algebra, trigonometry and precalculus proficiency exams. Calculators are not allowed on the calculus proficiency exam.

What do I need on the day of the exam?

  • Bring your paid receipt from the Business Office. Cost of the exam is $35
  • Bring a photo ID

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already taken this test previously or have taken this course (even one similar) you cannot take this test. Credit by examination assumes that you have had no formal classroom instruction, either as a regularly enrolled student or as an auditor in the courses being challenged.

CLEP and Placement

Another option includes taking CLEP exams to receive college credit for College Algebra, Precalculus, or Calculus I. These exams are more expensive than the math proficiency exams, but there are review materials that can be purchased for as little as $10 to help prepare for the exams. These review materials would most likely help the student prepare for math proficiency exams as well.

Information about different CLEP exams and corresponding study materials can be found at the CLEP Exams Page on College Board.

Placement and Precalculus Prerequisites

Students who have a TSI score high enough to be exempt from any developmental math classes and have either a Math ACT of 22, a Math SAT taken before February 2016 of 510, or a Math SAT taken after February 2016 of 540 are eligible to begin with Pre-calculus. A student without those exam scores may take an online departmental placement exam. 

The Mathematics Department strongly recommends that a student who begins with Precalculus has had a fourth year of high school mathematics that includes a semester of trigonometry.