Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to promote student understanding of mathematics. The program provides opportunities for its majors to study mathematics both in breadth and depth. Graduates of the program are prepared for entry into graduate school or mathematics-related careers including the teaching profession. The program also serves the university by providing a broad spectrum of introductory level courses so that students in all majors can fulfill the mathematics portion of a quality liberal arts curriculum.

The Mathematics Program at Midwestern State University offers the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees.

Students who choose mathematics as their major will find an enthusiastic mathematics faculty, small classes, personal attention, and a choice of career paths. They will have many opportunities to get involved in program activities. There is an active Math Club, and a local chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon (a mathematics honor society). There are available positions for students to work as paper graders and math tutors. Upon graduation the student will find many job opportunities.

Mathematical Careers
  • Math majors enjoy a wide variety of professional opportunities.
  • Airlines employ mathematicians for scheduling and modeling of airport/airspace events.
  • The U.S. Government is the largest employer of mathematicians.
  • Highly-skilled mathematicians are needed to do analytical research in the field of business.
  • Employment opportunities are plentiful for certified mathematics teachers.
  • Manufacturing companies employ mathematicians as engineers, quality control specialists and statisticians.
  • A degree in mathematics provides excellent background for law school, medical school, and other graduate programs.
  • Tethnology developed by mathematicians is crucial to our future.
  • Insurance companies employ mathematicians to analyze actuarial data.
  • Computer companies employ mathematicians to develop new software.
  • Scientific research often requires the expertise of mathematicians.