The Humanities Program at Midwestern State University combines rigorous academic learning with job-oriented preparation. The Program hosts five internship opportunities for eligible candidates who are interested in pursuing careers related to law, museum curation, fundraising, and arts administration.


Students interested in completing an internship must be current Humanities majors or minors in good standing by the time they apply and must be recommended to the internship by their Humanities advisor. For a student to earn advanced Humanities credit toward their major or minor, students are required to enroll in HUMN-4073 and complete a final written assignment. Students interested pursuing an internship opportunity through the Humanities Program should contact their Humanities advisor to discuss the specific duties, responsibilities, and application processes at least a full semester prior to the internship start date.


Innocence Project of Texas

Humanities students who have a passion for law and social justice are eligible to apply for a year-long internship with the local chapter of the Innocence Project, a national non-profit legal organization committed to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals who are currently incarcerated in the American prison system. The internship is highly selective and requires a written application, nomination by a Humanities advisor, and a willingness to commit to the project for consecutive Fall and Spring semesters of an academic year. During that year, the student will receive training on criminal procedure and will work on a research team comprised of other interns, MSU faculty, and local attorneys who will read, analyze, and investigate cases to determine potential instances of wrongful conviction. Although all Humanities majors or minors are welcome to apply, the internship is especially suited for those Humanities students who plan to attend law school after they graduate from MSU. More information about the Innocence Project can be found on their website.


Kell House

Humanities students interested in museum curation, local history, or architecture have the opportunity to do a 14-week internship at the Kell House, a local, state, and national landmark located in downtown in Wichita Falls, Texas. The intern will work ten hours per week under the supervision of the house’s director/curator. Over the course of the internship, the student will receive training in a wide range of activities closely related to the management and operation of a museum, thereby helping the student prepare for a possible career in museum, archival, or other curatorial work. More information about the Kell House can be found on the Wichita County Heritage Society website.


Museum of North Texas History

Humanities students interested in museum curation, American history, and culture have the opportunity to intern at the Museum of North Texas History. The museum’s permanent collection includes Native American history, the history of oil and gas, American military history, medical history, and a collection of over five hundred heritage cowboy hats. The intern will work closely with the museum management to learn the ins and outs of its operation, which will prepare the student for a possible career in museum, archival, or other historically-oriented work. More information about the museum can be found on the Museum of North Texas History website.


Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre

Humanities students interested in the performance arts, arts programming, community theater, and arts administration have the opportunity to intern at the Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre. The content of the internship will be negotiated on a per-internship basis with the director of the Theatre, but every internship will give the Humanities student an opportunity to work closely with a variety of directors and administrators to fulfill a variety of hands-on tasks designed to promote the arts in Wichita Falls. The theatre is the only pre-professional ballet company in Wichita Falls, TX and has been in operation for over fifty-five years. For more information about the Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre, please visit the Theatre’s website.


Wichita Falls Museum of Art

Humanities students interested in fine arts, art curation, or archival work have the opportunity to conduct an internship with the Wichita Falls Museum of Art, located on Midwestern State University’s campus. The content and terms of the internship will be negotiated between the student, the museum, and the Humanities program, so students interested in such an opportunity should contact their Humanities advisor. The Wichita Falls Museum of Art specializes in American print art, including local and internationally renowned artists. Information about the museum, including the gallery’s collections and exhibitions, can be found on the gallery’s website.