The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership requires 54 semester hours (57 for the superintendent certificate). The curriculum focuses on knowledge and leadership skills for district leadership. Program objectives include: a knowledge of educational theory and practice, the ability to accurately use research methodology and interpretation to impact practice, and skills in district leadership and management. 

The program contains five core courses that provide overarching theoretical, cultural, and legal perspectives of educational policy and practice. It contains six required courses in the area of district school leadership. Additionally, there are four courses on educational research culminating with a dissertation. The core courses and research courses are standard for the field. The district leadership courses provide a distinct focus for those interested in school district impact. 

Ed.D. courses are hybrid. Each long semester the courses will meet three times in person. The remainder of the course will be done through synchronous and asynchronous distance learning.



Required Core - 15 semester credit hours:

EDLE 6093 - Cultural Foundations in Educational Leadership

EDLE 6103 - Leading through Crisis

EDLE 6143 - Theories of Leadership, Administration, and Organizational Management

EDLE 6153 - District Financial Leadership

EDLE 6063 - Advanced Education Law


Research Courses - 12 semester credit hours:

EDLE 6073 - Data-Based Decision Making

EDLE 6083 - Evidence Informed Perspectives on Practice

EDLE 6123 - Qualitative Decision Analysis

EDLE 6133 - Writing and Research Design for Educational Leadership


District Leadership Core - 18 semester credit hours:

EDLE 6003 - District Level Leadership

EDLE 6013 - Politics and Community Relations

EDLE 6023 - Program Evaluation

EDLE 6033 - School Organization and Management

EDLE 6043 - Understanding Teachers & Teaching

EDLE 6113 - Educational Accountability and Student Assessment


EDLE Elective - 3 semester credit hours:

EDLE 6053 - Superintendent Practicum


Dissertation - 9 semester credit hours:

EDLE 6203 - Dissertation


Course rotation