Study Abroad

British Studies Program: London

Business students have the opportunity to study international issues in business during the summer in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world. This program is a mixture of guest lecturers from the European community, field experience, and individual research.  Students also have time to tour famous sites such as Saint Paul's Cathedral and explore the culture of Great Britain and Western Europe.

International Summer School, Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Students get a mixture of interesting lectures, workshops, case studies and framework program, such as: guided tours to famous German companies and cultural favorites (Leipzig, Thuringian Forest). The two week summer program is in one of the most beautiful cities of Germany - Erfurt, the capital of the Federal State of Thuringia. This is an opportunity for Dillard business students to meet other business students from all over the world.

For additional Germany information: Dr. Phil Wilson, DB 277,

Spanish for Business - don Quijote, Granada, Spain

This course is directed to students who would like to improve their Spanish principally within the field of business. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to develop linguistic strategies necessary to perform in a Spanish-language business environment. This course is six credit hours of Spanish language, culture, or conversation. This is a month-long, Summer I program. 

Global Health and Wellness - St. George's University, Grenada, Caribbean

Come study Global Health and Wellness on the "Island of Spice" during the May mini and earn 3 credit hours! This program will give students an understanding of how the global community is affected by changes in economic, political, and social factors. This is open to any student classification. Contact the Study Abroad office for more information.

For More Information

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