President’s Excellence Circle represents a group bound together by their generous gifts to Midwestern State University. PEC members provide academic scholarships for President’s Distinguished Scholars and the Honors Program and underwrite various academic pursuits, including faculty research, joint faculty-student research, and faculty development.

Your membership in the President's Excellence Circle provides discretionary funding and maximum flexibility for the university system's most pressing priorities. Every year, each member makes a contribution of $1,000 or more and receives unique opportunities to have a deeper connection with the President, senior leaders, and the campus in order to see the impact of their gifts. 


President's Excellence Circle Giving Levels
Silver Excellence Circle

Benefits include:

  • President's Excellence Circle Annual Newsletter
  • Invitations to events with the president
  • Recognition on the President's Excellence Circle honor roll


Gold Excellence Circle


Benefits include those for Silver Excellence Circle, plus:

  • Concierge service - your personal connection to MSU can provide information, personalized tours, and more upon your request


Platinum Excellence Circle
 $5,000 and above

Benefits include those for Gold Excellence Circle, plus:

  • Lunch with the president


President's Young Associates Circle
 $500 (30 years of age or younger)

Benefits include those for the Silver Excellence Circle


Endowed Excellence Members
Honoring those who give a $25,000 PEC Endowment with a lifetime membership to the Silver Excellence Circle