There are many reasons to provide additional details about your estate plans allows us to “document” the gift. The top five reasons are:

  1. Ensure that your gift is used the way you want.
    Documenting your intentions will help ensure your wishes are met. When making a gift for a specific purpose or establishing an endowment, we will review or provide specific language. It also allows us to keep you informed of new programs or developments that may impact your plans. For endowed scholarships, professorships, or other naming opportunities, minimum amounts and specific language are required.
  2. Designate a Purpose
    If you have a special purpose in mind for your gift, we will work with you to draft a gift agreement to detail your intentions. The gift agreement will be made a part of the university’s records and is intended as a guide to those who will administer the fund in the future.
  3. Be Counted
    Planned gifts are a crucial source of support for MSU. Documentation allows your gift to count toward the University’s fundraising goals, assists with long-term planning efforts and inspires others.
  4. Let MSU Show Its Appreciation and Recognize Your During Your Lifetime
    Documenting your intentions allows the university to recognize you now for your future gift. Upon documenting your bequest intention, you will automatically be enrolled as a member of the 1922 Legacy Society. As a member of the 1922 Legacy Society, you will be invited to special events and kept informed about university news. If you wish, you may elect to decline membership or remain anonymous and exclude your name from donor listings.
  5. No Obligation
    Documenting your bequest does not make it binding or irrevocable—you still have the liberty to revise your estate plan if your circumstances or priorities change.

To document your plans:

____ Complete and submit the Planned Giving Intention Form.

____ Submit a copy of your will or other estate plans that reference MSU or the MSU Foundation.

_____ Work with Rhonda McClung, Assistant Vice President for Gift Planning, to complete a gift agreement if you wish to designate the use of your gift.