Congratulations UGROW Symposium  Presentation Winners:

First Place (tied)

Taris Major--A Multi-Staged Gearing System to Control Wind Turbine's Rotor Speed, Mentor Dr. Salim Azzouz


Prisca Mbonu and Christopher Sun-- Applying Membrane Protein Chaperone as Therapeutice to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, Mentor Dr. George Liang,

 Second Place:

Andrew Wolf-- Examining Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Participation and Instruction, Mentor: Dr. Margaret Brown-Marsden     

Third Place:

Jermaine Descartes-- Determining the Mineralogical and Chemical Changes Due to Weathering in the Mount Scott Granite at Lake Elmer Thomas Dam, Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma, Mentor Dr. Jonathon Price






July 3rd- UGROW Symposium-  9:00-4:30pm Bolin Hall 100-Podium Presentations.

  **ALL UGROW meetings and events are MANDATORY for scholars and mentors.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Summer Workshop

Mission Statement

UGROW affords opportunities for collaborative research between undergraduates and faculty in an interdisciplinary research environment.

MSU Definition of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by one or more undergraduate students, with faculty guidance, that attempts to make an intellectual, creative, or applied contribution to one or more disciplines. Adopted in April 2013.


UGROW was conceived by faculty in the College of Science and Mathematics in 2004 as an initiative to create an interdisciplinary environment to train and nurture young scientists.  The first UGROW was in 2005 and since then, it has offered research opportunities to over 200 undergraduates.  During Summer Session I UGROW students experience the authenticity of conducting research on projects of their choice in a highly interdisciplinary environment. At the end of the program students present their findings at the UGROW Symposium, and at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum the following Fall term. UGROW students may also present their research at an off campus professional meeting/conference if they choose to do so.

UGROW also promotes conditions in which students and faculty, who would like to cross disciplinary boundaries, can advance knowledge and at the same time enrich their learning/research/scholarship endeavors.  UGROW is open to all disciplines at MSUTexas.


  • To create high-quality research experiences for undergraduates in all Colleges at MSUTexas Wichita Falls
  • To provide an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment for undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities
  • To create a pool of talented undergraduates interested in pursuing advanced careers in Biology, Mathematics, Engineering, GeoScience,  Business, Education, Health Sciences & Human Services; Humanities & Social Sciences, and Fine Arts
  • To expand undergraduate research beyond MSUTexas
  • To enhance recruitment of talented students into MSUTexas' undergraduate and graduate programs

ScholarBridge: A Resource for Student-faculty Mentor Matching

UGROW is a proud member of the ScholarBridge community. ScholarBridge is a new tool to promote student and faculty involvement in academic research. ScholarBridge is an online database where professors can post their availability to mentor students. Student members can search the listings of professors and opportunities - at any point in their academic career - to find the right mentor and research focus that they are most interested in actively pursuing. Start now by visiting ScholarBridge.