MSU Texas Faculty Finder for Mentorship in Undergraduate Research

Are you interested in finding an MSU Texas Faculty Mentor who shares your research and/or creative interests? If so, the Faculty Finder is a good tool to look for current faculty members at MSU who have experience mentoring undergraduate research.

Faculty listed in the Faculty Finder have served as a mentor for undergraduate research such as EURECA, Honors Projects, independent study/coursework, and or UGROW. It is at their discretion to participate as a mentor. Each faculty is listed by their college and by clicking on their name, you will be taken to the faculty's profile page in the MSU Directory where you can click on the tab of their current research/creative activities and interests.  

Can't find what you are looking for on this page? You may visit with your instructors/professors to discuss undergraduate research opportunities or contact The Office of Undergraduate Research so we can help you get started.

Dillard College of Business

Dr. Pablo Garcia-Fuentes | Economics

Dr. Niyati Kataria |Business Management, HR Management

Dr. Qian Li | Finance, Risk Management, Investment Finance

Dr. Jesse Luo | Management Information Systems, Business Systems, Electric Commerce

Dr. Scott Manley | Director Lalani Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management

Dr. Thuy D. Nguyen | Marketing

Dr. Sarah Quintanar | Economics

Dr. Jeff Stambaugh | Dean, Graduate Seminar Business Policy, Energy & Strategic Management

Dr. Lin Wang | Accounting 

Dr. Grace Zhang | Management Information Systems, IT Management, Database Design, Web Application Development

Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts

Dr. Mitzi Lewis | Mass Communication

Morgan Page | Visual Arts, Graphic Design, 2D Design, Computer-Aided Art

Catherine Prose | Art, Printmaking, Drawing, 2D Design

Jonathan Quam | Mass Communication, Broadcast and Television Production, Media Management

Dr. Bradley Wilson | Mass Communication, Journalism, Publications, Social Media

Robert D. & Carol Gunn College of Health Science and Human Services

Dr. Jennifer Anderson | Respiratory Care Program Chair, Research Interests: Respiratory Therapy, Educational Outcomes, Education, Faculty Development, First Year College Experiences, Student Stress Management, and Coping with Death and Dying. 

Stephanie Baker | Wilson School of Nursing

Dr. Randy Case | Respiratory Care, Community Health & Rehab

Robert Comello | Shimadzu School of Radiologic Science, Radiologic Sciences, Anatomy, Medical Imaging, Clinical Practice

Terri Farabee | Assistant Professor of Nursing, Wilson School of Nursing.  Basic Nursing Clinical and Nursing Childbearing Family Clinical

Dr. Rodney Fisher | Shimadzu School of Radiologic Science, Radiologic Sciences

 Dr. Tammy Kurszewski | Respiratory Care, Adult Critical Care, Global Health

Dr. Robin Lockhart | Wilson School of Nursing, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Mental Health Nursing

Dr. Stacey Machado | Wilson School of Nursing, Courses: Service Learning I & II, Concept in Care: Acutely Ill, Concepts in Clinical Decision-Making, Research (NURS3503/RAD3503/RESP4423), 

Dr. Kimberly Onstott | Shimadzu School of Radiologic Science,  Radiologic Sciences, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Educational Technology, Virtual Simulations

 Dr. Catherine Pankonien | Wilson School of Nursing, nursing, neonatal nursing, labor and delivery, and Evidence-based practice. 

Mandy Sedden | Shimadzu School of Radiologic Science, Radiologic Sciences, Health Law, Applied Research, Adv Clinical Practice, Radiobiology

Dr. Beth Veale | Shimadzu School of Radiologic Science, Radiologic Sciences, Education, Clinical Practice

Dr. Jessyca Wagner | Shimadzu School of Radiologic Science, radiologic science imaging techniques, learning technologies, AI

McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Dr. Salim Azzouz | Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Guy Bernard | Mathematics

Dr. Jan Brink | Engineering, flow

Dr. Eduardo Colmenares | Computer Science

Dr. William Cook | Biology, Plant Biology, Molecular Biology

Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi | Engineering, Petroleum Production

Dr. Yu Guo  | Engineering, Associate Professor, Engineering, robotics, circuits and electronics, measurements and instrumentations 

Dr. Randall L. Hallford | Chemistry

Dr. Chris Hansen | Chemistry

Dr. Zeki Ilhan | Engineering, Control Systems, Engineering Economics

Dr. Tina Johnson | Computer Science

Dr. Andrew Katumwehe | Geosciences

Dr. Fu-Cheng (George) Liang | Chemistry, Biochemistry/Biophysics

Dr. Marcos Lopez | Mathematics

Dr. Kashif Mahmud | Geoscience, Environmental Science, Remote sensing and modeling, Climate change. 

Dr. James Masuoka | Biology, Microbiology

Dr. Scott Meddaugh | Geosciences

Dr. Nelson Passos | Computer Science

Dr. Jonathan Price | Geoscience, Geochemistry, Volcanoes, Igneous Systems

Dr. Jon Scales | Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology

Dr. Jianguo Shao | Chemistry

Dr. Preet Sharma | Physics

Dr. Mike Shipley | Biology, Physiology

Dr. Sheldon Wang | Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering

Dr. Raymond Willis | Biology

Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Isaac Christiansen | Sociology

Dr. Geoffrey Clegg | English, Professional Business Writing; Academic Writing and Research

Dr. Todd Giles | 19th-21st century American literature, ecocriticism, poetry, the novel, the visual arts, the Beat Generation, and Buddhism.

Dr. Juheon Lee | environmental politics, disaster resilience, social capital, non-traditional security, Asian politics, data analysis. Courses: Environmental Politics, Asian Politics, Research Methods, Foundation of Gov. & Politics, Intro to Global Studies, American & Texas Gov. I & II. 

Dr. Kirsten Lodge | Literature, World Lit, Literary Theory

Dr. Melissa Nivens | English, Academic Research & Writing, Composition Studies, Rhetorical Theory

Dr. Jeffrey Oxford | World Languages and Cultures, Spanish 

Dr. Mike Rattanasengchanh | US History, Eastern Asian studies

Dr. Whitney Snow | History, Environmental, Agricultural, Pop Culture, and U.S. South

Dr. Beverly Stiles | Sociology, Behavior Sociology

Dr. Leland Turner | History, American Frontier, Southwest

Dr. Linda Veazey | Political Science, Civil Rights & Liberties, American and Texas Government, Model UN sponsor

Dr. Tiffany Ziegler | Interim Dean Billie Doris McAda Graduate School, World History

West College of Education

Dr. Kym Acuña | Education, Service Learning, Leadership, HR & Curricular Supervision

Dr. Leann Curry | Dean, Associate Professor, Chair of Undergraduate Education, Director of Educator Preparation

Dr. Tara Fox | Ph.D., LPC Supervisor. Topics: Clinical Mental Health, Mental Health, Counseling, Rural Counseling 

Dr. Dittika Gupta | Curriculum & Learning Teaching Math Methods, School & Society

Dr. Wendy Helmcamp | Ph.D., LPC Supervisor Topics: Clinical Mental Health, Mental Health, Counseling, School Counseling 

Dr. SuHua Huang | Education and Reading, ESL Methods

Dr. Suzanne Lindt | Curriculum and Learning, Educational Psychology, Human Development, Classroom Assessment

Dr. Stacia Miller | Education, Kinesiology, Elementary PE;  Director of Undergraduate Research 

Dr. Kelly Medellin | Curriculum & Learning, Dual Language Curriculum

Dr. Stephanie Zamora-Robles |  Graduate and Adult Education, Classroom Management, Educational Leadership, Human Diversity, School Law

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