Thanks for considering UGROW, MSU's intense undergraduate summer research. In UGROW you will

  1. Engage in a supervised academic investigation with a faculty mentor
  2. Learn and share with a cohort of exceptional students
  3. Interact with faculty who focus on a broad range of inquiry
Definition of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by one or more undergraduate students, with faculty guidance, that attempts to make an intellectual, creative, or applied contribution to one or more disciplines (adopted by the MSU Quality Enhancement Plan, Spring 2013)


  • Requirements for UGROW student participants:
  • Major GPA of 3.0
  • Overall GPA of 2.75
  • The support of two faculty members as references
  • Attendance at the Faculty Research/Creative Activity Project Presentation
  • Present at the Fall Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Forum
  • Plans to continue enrollment at MSU through fall 2024

 If you are accepted into the program, the following is expected from you:

  • Enroll in UGROW 4900 in the summer (zero-credit class for completing the program)
  • Attend all planned workshops and meetings
  • Dedicate time and effort to the research project as directed
  • Present results from your project at the UGROW Summer Symposium and the Fall UGRCA Forum 
  • Present results from your project at professional society, if an opportunity arises
  • Enter your project for scholarly competition, if an opportunity arises
  • Write a summary of your project and results along with your views on the UGROW experience
  • Participate in all assessment activities

 Instructions for completing the application:

  1. Check out this year's research projects
  2. Discuss your intentions with two faculty referees that can vouch for your skills and qualities.
    • You will include their contact information on the form.
    • Referees will be contacted for their endorsement following the receipt of your application.
    • You may include a UGROW faculty mentor as a reference.
  3. Follow the link to the Google Form application
  4. Complete all required fields on the application form. This includes two essay questions:
    1. Write a thoughtful, articulate and well-constructed short essay about your long-term plans and career goals. Please discuss how these pertain to your interest in your major (and minor) fields of study, potential plans for post-baccalaureate work, and your long-term aspirations for your career. Use the space provided.
    2. Write a thoughtful, articulate and well-constructed short essay on how your participation in UGROW will help you progress towards your career goals. Include a short discussion on why you want to participate in UGROW, how UGROW will benefit you, and what you expect from UGROW.
  5. Obtain an unofficial copy of your transcripts as follows:
    1. Go to WebWorld/Banner
    2. Log into your MSU Texas account
    3. Access your student records by clicking on the student tab
    4. Save your transcript by clicking on file save as Web Page Only (not Web Page Complete)
      1. Use the naming convention firstname_lastname.htm to save your transcript. For example, if your name is John Smith, save your transcript as john_smith.htm
  6. Send a pdf of the unofficial copy of your transcript electronically to; e-mail subject: UGROW application.

Applications and replies from referees will be assessed by the UGROW Application Committee. Applicants will be informed of their status by email.


Please feel free to contact the program directors for further information.