Congratulations to the SUMMER 2020 UGROW  Symposiums Winners! 

1st Place tie

Rachel Shipley: Exploring Art through Faith, Mentor: Sally Story, MFA, COFA, Visual Arts

Sean Aleman, Germiamah Junkere: Study of the effect of Voltage on a Salt Ion Separator, Mentor: Dr. Salim Azzouz, McCOSME, Engineering

 2nd Place: 

Christopher Alexis, Trevon Antoine: Multiphase Flow Performance in Piping Systems, Mentor: Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi, McCOSME, Engineering

3rd Place: 

Sharome Burton: Improving a GPU Fast Fourier Transform Performance Through The use of Visual Profilers.  Mentor: Dr. Eduardo Colmenares, McCOSME, Computer Science

Honorable Mention: 

Micah-Lyn Scotland, Sarah Gilliland: Creating a Virtual Space, Mentor Dr. Tina Johnson, McCOSME, Computer Science

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UGR Summer Office Hours: M-Th 7 am-6 pm, Closed on Fridays (June 1-July 31).  Please limit in-office visits as much as possible. If you need specific assistance, please contact us at 940-397-6274,, Dr. Magaly Rincon-Zachary: 940-397-4254,, Julie Scales, secretary:

 UGROW Events and Deadlines 

15th Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Forum: November 19. Due to the COVID 19 health crisis, our Fall UGRCA Forum will be virtual. Specific details will be sent to students submitting approved abstracts.

February 11, 2021: UGROW Faculty Seminar. Faculty wishing to participate in UGROW 2021 will present their research projects in a short presentation. Students attending will have the opportunity to meet with faculty afterward. Interested in being a mentor or attending? Contact us at RE: UGROW Faculty Seminar

March 13, 2021: UGROW Scholar application Deadline. Submit your application before Spring Break! 

  **ALL UGROW meetings and events are MANDATORY for scholars and mentors.


 UGR sponsored workshops: 

The PowerPoints are available for viewing on our sister page

10/10/2020- Preparing Effective Poster and Oral Presentations: - sign up for the virtual Zoom presentation by contacting us via

11/10/2020- The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a EURECA Proposal: sign up for the virtual Zoom presentation by contacting us via


December 1: EURECA Proposal Deadline for Spring Only.

June 1: EURECA Proposal Deadline for Fall and Full Academic Year.  


Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Summer Workshop (UGROW)
Mission Statement

UGROW affords opportunities for collaborative research between undergraduates and faculty in an interdisciplinary research environment.

MSU Definition of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by one or more undergraduate students, with faculty guidance, that attempts to make an intellectual, creative, or applied contribution to one or more disciplines. Adopted in April 2013.


UGROW was conceived by faculty in the College of Science and Mathematics in 2004 as an initiative to create an interdisciplinary environment to train and nurture young scientists.  The first UGROW was in 2005 and since then, it has offered research opportunities to over 200 undergraduates.  During Summer Session I UGROW students experience the authenticity of researching projects of their choice in a highly interdisciplinary environment. At the end of the program, students present their findings at the UGROW Symposium, and the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum in the Fall term. UGROW students may also present their research at an off-campus professional meeting/conference if they choose to do so.

UGROW promotes conditions in which students and faculty, who would like to cross disciplinary boundaries, can advance knowledge and at the same time enrich their learning/research/scholarship endeavors.  UGROW is open to all disciplines at MSUTexas.

  • To create high-quality research experiences for undergraduates in all Colleges at MSUTexas Wichita Falls
  • To provide an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment for undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities
  • To create a pool of talented undergraduates interested in pursuing advanced careers in Biology, Mathematics, Engineering, GeoScience,  Business, Education, Health Sciences & Human Services; Humanities & Social Sciences, and Fine Arts
  • To expand undergraduate research beyond MSUTexas
  • To enhance recruitment of talented students into MSUTexas' undergraduate and graduate programs
Faculty Finder: A Resource for Student-Faculty Mentor Matching

The UGR office has replaced Scholarbridge with our in-house listing of faculty who have supported undergraduate research either within their coursework or by being a mentor in the EURECA or UGROW undergraduate research programs. If you are seeking a mentor for a research project, please use this list. Disclaimer: not all faculty listed may be available for mentorship; the list is updated frequently. Please contact the UGR office if you need help contacting or finding a mentor. Faculty Finder