The mission of Student Support Services (SSS) is to facilitate a supportive environment for academic success and personal enrichment through proactive and individualized services available to a student from his or her first semester through graduation.  SSS students are challenged to take charge of their learning and develop skills that will enable them to enhance their lives and become well-rounded citizens of the Midwestern State University community.  SSS staff initiates and develops partnerships with students that are academically based and strive to lead students down a path towards cultural growth and awareness.


Our project participants are students who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First generation (neither parent has completed a degree at a 4-year college or university)
  • Low-income background (verification is on the basis of Department of Education guidelines)
  • Documented physical, emotional, or learning disability
  • Demonstrate Academic Need for program services
  • A United States citizen or meet residency requirements for federal student financial assistance
  • Currently enrolled at Midwestern State University

Services Provided

The federally funded MSU SSS program provides assistance and services such as study skills, personal counseling, academic advice and assistance, tutoring, cultural events, academic workshops, career services, activities designed to foster enrollment in graduate programs, study lab, and computer lab.

SSS will provide academic, career, and personal coaching for all participants.  Twice each academic semester, SSS will provide financial management and financial planning workshops for all participants.  Economic literary will also be provided each academic semester.

All SSS participants will have a peer mentor, upperclassman.

New Location - West Campus Annex

Our office is now located on the corner of Louis J. Rodriguez Drive and Nocona Trail.

University map showing where Student Support Services is located.