Students interested in forming a new registered student organization must meet with the Director of Student Leadership & Development or their designee. Student organizations may be officially registered when formed for purposes that are consistent with the philosophy and goals of Midwestern State University. The purposes, goals, and activities of one organization should not duplicate those of another.

The following information must be submitted to begin the approval process:

Proposed Membership Roster

A list of proposed members, officers, and advisors with a minimum of eight (8) currently enrolled MSU students.

Organization Registration Form in OrgSync
  1. Log in to MustangsLink
  2. Click “Browse Organizations
  3. Click “Register New Organization”
Proposed Organization Constitution/By-laws

The following should be included:

  • The exact title of the organization.
  • The purpose of the organization. Is it fostering a broad educational goal? Does it have a social, cultural, or political aim? Why was the group founded? Be precise enough so that a non-member would understand the group’s purpose. Religious organizations must indicate their religious affiliation.
  • A statement of the group’s willingness to abide by all University policies.
  • A statement that membership must be open to all Midwestern State University students.  For potential exclusions, consult the Director of Student Leadership & Involvement
  • Details on how to become a member. How are voting members identified? What is the deadline for joining to be able to vote? Who keeps the official membership list?
  • Membership dues, if applicable.
  • Details on how a member may remain in the organization if they fail to pay dues.
  • A statement on the number of officers. What are their titles and duties? Will the officers constitute an executive committee? Officers must be full-time undergraduate students.
  • Details on how officers are elected. What constitutes a quorum? What type of ballot? Who may vote? When are they elected, and for what period? Who is eligible for office? When do officers assume office? How may officers be removed? How will mid-year vacancies be filled? You may wish to clarify the role of the advisor.
Sample Documents
Additional Information

If the organization has a state, regional, or national affiliation, the organization must also include from its state, regional, or national office the constitution, by-laws, financial support, type of supervisory role held with local chapters, and documentation establishing recognition and support for a registered student organization to exist under the organization’s umbrella at MSU. When this is obtained, final approval of the state, regional, or national organization must be made by the university’s Administrative Council.

Final approval for local organizations must be made by a committee comprised of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, and the Director of Student Leadership & Involvement.

Prospective MSU student organizations may have a maximum of three (3) organizational meetings prior to final approval. All student organizational meetings must comply with the MSU Activity and Reservations Guidelines Agreement.