What is MSU ALERT?

MSU ALERT is an emergency notification system that allows a quick delivery of urgent information via text message and/or email.

What is e2Campus?

E2Campus is an off-site vendor that provides the gateway for the MSU ALERT system. The e2Campus system allows designated university officials to send critical messages to the mobile phones, email, and/or pagers of MSU ALERT subscribers.

Will I receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my mobile phone or email account?

No. MSU ALERT and e2Campus enforces a ZERO SPAM policy that clearly prohibits unsolicited messages. The contact information of MSU ALERT subscribers cannot be given/sold to third party marketers. The only messages you will receive will be actual alerts or a test message to ensure the system is working.

Will this cost me anything?

MSU ALERT is a free service offered to all MSU students, faculty and staff. However, depending on the wireless carrier provider, you may be charged a nominal fee (approximately $ .10/message) to receive text messages. For those with unlimited text messaging plans, there would be no additional charge.

Will I be able to respond back when I receive an emergency alert?

No. MSU ALERT is a one-way communication system.

What do I do if I need help immediately?

Call 9-1-1. Again, MSU ALERT is a one-way communication system only. If you find yourself in the midst of an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.
MSU Alert / E2Campus Account FAQ's

What do I need to do to opt out of the MSU ALERT system?

You may choose not to have your cell phone number on your account but the university must create an emergency notification account for you. The university creates your account using your preferred email address or your university email address. If you need assistance please call information system at 940 397-4278.

What if I get a new cell phone number or email address?

If your contact information changes, just log into the MSU Portal system and update your information in Banner, go to MSU Alert Homepage and follow the instructions.

Can I choose how I receive notifications?

MSU will create your account based on your preferred or university email. However, you may choose whether to receive the emergency messages by text or not. You can also specify an additional contact number and email address.
Enrolling in MSU ALERT

How do I sign up for MSU ALERT?

Once you are enrolled as a student or become a MSU employee, you are automatically signed up. Texas law requires MSU to automatically sign all students, faculty and staff into the emergency notification system.

Do I need to install software on my phone?

No. e2Campus uses industry standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

Will I be notified before my account expires?

Your account remains active as long as you are enrolled or employed at MSU.

Does the service work on multiple cell phone networks?

Yes. e2Campus is a cross-carrier service.