Killingsworth Hall

Killingsworth Hall
A diverse community at the heart of campus life!

Located next to the Clark Student Center, Mustangs Walk, and Legacy Courtyard, Killingsworth Hall is at the heart of Midwestern State University's campus. Killingsworth is co-ed by floor. Students enjoy the company of many of our international students who choose to live in these buildings, resulting in a dynamic and multicultural environment. Recognizing that Killingsworth is a popular choice with our incoming freshman, Resident Assistants (RAs) provides incoming students the support they need to be successful in college.

The 'Z' shaped rooms offer a sense of privacy while still affording the opportunity to get to know a roommate. Each community has semi-private bathrooms with a sink, toilet, and shower contained in one room. Killingsworth Hall is our most economical housing option.


  • Capacity: 289
  • Number of floors: 6
  • Gender: Co-ed by floor
  • Bathrooms: Semi-private; lockable individual rooms containing a shower, sink, and toilet shared by the hall community.
  • Mattress Size: Standard Twin
  • Included furniture: Bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, built-in closets, in-room sink/vanity, blinds, micro-fridge, and microwave

Mailing Address
3705 Louis J. Rodriguez Dr., (Box Number*)
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099

*Students will receive their box number from the MSU Texas Post Office upon arriving on campus


  • Key card entrance
  • Community front desk
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV
  • In-room sink
  • Community Lounges and group study spaces
  • Community kitchen (located on the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors)
  • Individual study spaces and chapel room (6th floor)
  • Laundry facilities (located on the 2nd and 5th floors)
  • Easy access to the Clark Student Center, Mustangs Walk and Legacy Courtyard
Killingsworth Room Layout Killingsworth Hall's west entrance exterior on a late spring day. All six of Killingsworth's floors can be seen along with the covered entryway and the grass courtyard surrounding it. picnic benches can be seen under the covered entryway as rain clouds roll in from the left starting to take over the blue sky. Students hanging out outside of Killingsworth Hall's east entrance exterior. The recessed entrance is flanked by white columns that contrast against the iconic MSU Texas red brick. Three steps lead up the entrance and a group of students can be seen sitting on these steps. Another student is swiping their card at the entrance to enter the building. A ramp leads from the entrance off-camera to the right. Two more students stand conversing on the right-hand side in the grass that separates Killingsworth from the brick Mustangs Walk. They stand under a tree that is just starting to shed its brown and yellow leaves for fall. Two students are talking in a Killingsworth Hall double room. Both students are standing on one side of the room. A large built-in closet runs along the left wall with a variety of clothes hanging up. The dresser has been pushed into the closet under the hanging clothes and features a small fishbowl. One of the students is leaning against the six shelves in the center of the closet facing us. A full-length mirror is situated on the wall behind her. The second student leans against an elevated bed on the right, her back is towards the camera. Killingsworth Hall Room interior view from the doorway looking into a double room. Three students are conversing in the 'A' side of the room. From left to right, one student is sitting on her desk which is situated on the left wall immediately seen as you come into the room. There are flowers, a lamp, and a variety of desk supplies on the desk. Behind her, light streams in from a window on the far side of the room. The small walkway between side 'A' and the window contains a metal shelf with shower supplies that hides the vanity sink from view and a micro-fridge on the opposite wall. Side 'B' cannot be seen from this angle but would run along the window wall mirroring side 'A'. The right side of the room branches off in an L shape. A second student stands in front of a large closet which is partially covered by a curtain hanging from a rod, but a variety of shelves and hanging clothes can be seen between the curtain gap. She is facing the third student who is sitting on a bed that takes up the space to the right along the same wall as the door. Killingsworth Hall third floor lounge interior. Two tiled columns split the lounge in half standing near the middle column looking towards the far corner, you can see a large TV on a stand situated in front of windows looking into the third-floor hallway. A coffee table and couches for 5-6 people are situated between the columns and the far wall facing the TV. a large fake plant sits next to the TV on the carpeted floor.