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Engaging First-Year Students through the First-Year Mustangs Adventure

Join the team of dedicated faculty, staff, and peer educators in making a positive impact on the first-year experience at Midwestern State University and help new students excel from the start with the First-Year Mustangs Adventure. This fall semester seminar is designed to help students acclimate to college life through setting goals, using academic resources, prioritizing wellness, and building community. Join us in strengthening student engagement through First-year Mustangs Adventure.

About the Program

Midwestern State University has developed a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) designed to prepare new students for academic success and engagement. The First-year Mustangs Adventure program will meet these goals through a 0-credit hour First-year Seminar (MWSU 1230) that helps students take responsibility for their educational journey through a curriculum focusing on academic engagement and community-building. Each section will be led by a trained Peer Educator and supported by a faculty or staff mentor. Students will receive a customized Mustangs Adventure Guidebook that will provide activities and prompts reflecting the course goals and Student Learning Outcomes, and students will meet weekly with their Peer Educator to reflect on and discuss their adventures.

During the fall semester, we offer several sections of MWSU 1230: First-year Mustangs Adventure. All first-time, full-time students who are not admitted by review or admitted to the Redwine Honors College should enroll in a section associated with their major college. 

These seminar sections of approximately 20 students meet for 50 minutes each week and are led by Peer Educators and Faculty/Staff Mentors trained to deliver a first-year seminar curriculum. The seminar gives students opportunities to learn about goal setting, campus resources, study skills, and wellness. Additionally, the seminars allow students to build connections to the MSU-Texas community by meeting students, faculty, and staff within their academic colleges and by attending a variety of campus events.

Course Information

First-year Mustangs Adventure Course Description:

  • This seminar provides new students the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset to achieve academic success.

Course Outcomes:

  • Students will set SMART goals.
  • Students will create strategies to achieve and reevaluate their goals.
  • Students will develop self-awareness of their own wellness needs.
  • Students will use strategies and resources to support their academic success.
  • Students will feel connected to the MSU community.

First Year Mustangs Adventure