Alternative education loans should only be considered after students and parents have explored federal loan options which often have lower interest rates.  Students who have not applied for federal aid, including federal loan programs, may do so by completing the FAFSA online.
Alternative education loans are designed to assist students with additional assistance for educational expenses.  The Federal Reserve Board approved final rules on  Regulation Z (Truth in Lending Act) that revises the disclosure requirements for private education loans.  As part of Regulation Z, students applying for a private loan must complete the ‘Private Education Loan Applicant Self Certification’ with the application for the loan; this information can be obtained from your lender of choice.
MSU does not recommend any specific lender for alternative education loans.  If you feel that an alternative loan may be best for you, we recommend comparing loan products and lenders to find the best interest rate and repayment options for your situation.
MSU uses FastChoice as an online, lender-neutral platform to display a historically cumulative list of lenders and education loan products that our students have used.  These lenders have not been ranked, and are presented in no particular order.  Please note that lenders may require or strongly recommend a cosigner in order to approve a loan or provide the best interest rate possible.  Some alternative education loans may also require payments while the student is still in-school.

Visit FastChoice to view Alternative Education Loan options
And, you MUST complete the 'Borrowing Essentials' Loan Counseling

          College Access Loan
 - preapproval required at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
 (and, click here for the CAL Loan Fact Sheet)

           MSU Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan
         - preapproval NOT required

 If you wish to apply for one or more of the non-federal loans, as above, indicate your preference in the "OTHER" section of the MSU CHANGE FORM
 (excluding the MSU Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan which can
be accessed from the MSU Business Office)