Freshman Admission Requirements

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Want to know if you'll be admitted to Midwestern State University? Use the chart below to find your class rank, and then determine what scores you will need in order to get in!

Class Rank Old SAT Minimum Scores
(Taken Prior to March 2016)
New SAT Minimum Scores
(Taken March 2016 or Later)
ACT Minimum
Composite Scores
Top 25% Automatic Admission Automatic Admission Automatic Admission
Second Quarter 990 1070 21
Third Quarter 1070 1140 23
Fourth Quarter 1110 1180 24
Home School/Non-Ranking By Review By Review By Review

*The old SAT scores above are comprised of Critical Reading and Math components only. The new SAT scores are comprised of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math components. Entrance exam scores must be received from the College Board and/or ACT or be on official high school transcripts in order to be reviewed. MSU will super score test results but super scoring will occur only within the same version of the SAT, not across old and new versions.

In addition to your rank and test scores, Midwestern State recommends that applicants have a minimum of a Distinguished or Distinguished with Endorsements diploma type in order to demonstrate college readiness.  Students with a minimum of a Foundation diploma type are eligible to apply for admission to a Texas public institution, according to Texas House Bill 5 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session). 

Students from a private, home school, or out of state high school, must meet one of the following:

Curriculum that is of equivalent rigor and content to the Foundations, Distinguished with Endorsements or Distinguished diploma type


Meet College Readiness Benchmarks:
SAT: Critical Reading/Writing=480 and Math=530 (taken after March 2016).
SAT: Critical Reading + Mathematics + Writing = 1500 out of 2400 or the equivalent (taken prior to March 2016).
ACT: English = 18, Reading = 21, Math = 22, Science = 24

This is to ensure our incoming students are adequately prepared for college-level work at MSU!


If You Have Attempted Dual Credit/Concurrent Courses:

If you have attempted collegiate work through a concurrent or dual credit program while in high school, you must meet beginning freshmen admission requirements (regardless of hours earned).  Official transcripts from the college(s) you have attended must be submitted to MSU Admissions.

Individual/"By Review" Process:

Let's say you don't meet the minimum requirements listed above (taking into consideration graduation plan, rank and test scores). At that point, you will go through an individual review process. Rigor of high school curriculum, grade point average, rank, and test scores will all be taken into consideration to render a decision and you may be admitted "by review".

If you have a 3.00-4.00 high school GPA on a 4.00 scale, you can be unconditionally admitted regardless of your test scores.

If you have a 2.75-2.99 high school GPA on a 4.00 scale, and at least two IB, AP/Pre-Ap, honors courses, or dual credits with a 2.00 collegiate GPA, you can be automatically admitted, if the ACT is no lower than a 16 or the SAT is no lower than an 880.

Special Admission:

If you have graduated or intend to graduate from an unaccredited high school or home study program or completed a GED in lieu of the high school diploma, will be considered for admission on an individual basis. ACT/SAT minimum scores are required.