Guidelines for Museum-Herbarium Specimens and Molecular Extraction

The Dalquest Desert Research Station (DDRS) Advisory Committee expects that scientists who conduct research at DDRS will collect voucher and/or study specimens for all on-site research projects. These specimens shall be made and prepared in accordance with standard techniques for the discipline and shall be suitable for the extraction of viable DNA and proteins.

The first set of all collections with prepared labels shall be deposited at MSU, which may maintain and curate them on campus in Wichita Falls, Texas or distribute them to another herbarium-museum that specializes in the taxon. One set with prepared labels shall be deposited at another museum-herbarium designated by MSU. The collector should maintain one or more sets, and then distribute other sets with prepared labels to two or three additional institutions.

Labels shall include the following minimal information:

  • Dalquest Research Station
  • Midwestern State University
  • Collector name and number
  • Date of collection
  • GPS coordinates of collection
  • Habitat or soil substrate or stratum
  • Gen Bank or Protein Data Bank accession number for any DNA or protein sequences produced.

MSU shall maintain joint ownership to the rights, royalties, and/or profits obtained from any patents or products based on any collections made on-site and on any extracts of micromolecules, macromolecules, structures, organisms, or taxa that might ultimately be obtained from the original collections and cultivation-extractions-manipulations of any of these collections.

Specimens must be deposited at an appropriate museum of natural history or natural history collection where they will be accessible and studied by local specialists.  The investigator and the Director of Natural Laboratories must agree.  One set of specimens (mounted) shall be deposited at MSU.