Access to DDRS

Permission for access to the DDRS must be obtained in advance from Midwestern State University (see Proposals to Use DDRS; Appendix 1).  Directions to the property will be given to individuals who have permission from the University to visit or conduct research on the site. Currently access is only possible by 4 – wheel drive vehicles.

Operational Guidelines

The following guidelines must be strictly observed:

  1. Plants, animals, and fungi may not be brought on site, except as foodstuffs, which must be properly stored in the kitchen. 
  2. Food scraps and waste products must be disposed of in covered waste receptacles at the Headquarters and then packed off-site.  Introduction of non-native animals, fungi, and bacteria is strictly forbidden (Appendix 3).
  3. Removal of resources from the site is permitted only for the purpose of scientific sampling or for the preservation of voucher specimens as part of an approved research project.  Collecting of rocks, minerals, animals or plants for personal collections is prohibited.
  4. Standing dead and fallen vegetation (trees and shrubs) may not be cut or removed except where trails are blocked.  Dead carcasses of animals should be left.
  5. All supplies, including food, water, firewood and any other consumables must be brought to the station.  Supplies that are stored at the site should not be consumed, except by those who stored them.
  6. Campfires should not be fueled with material gathered from the site and must be contained in the established fire pit or fireplace at the headquarters.
  7. Materials transported to the site must be removed upon departure unless permission is granted and those materials are reasonably and unobtrusively labeled with the name of the owner and are safely stored for future use.
  8. Materials so stored should not be disturbed by parties other than those who stored them unless they represent a hindrance to reasonable use of the facility.
  9. Stored materials must be removed promptly from the site at the end of the approved research project.
  10. All refuse created while on the site must be stored in a covered container and removed upon departure.
  11. Human waste and toilet paper must be buried and completely covered without disturbing existing vegetation.
  12. Individuals and groups using the DDRS must release Midwestern State University from all liability related to the use of the research station by signing the appropriate agreement prior to traveling to the site (Appendix 2).
  13. Midwestern State University must be acknowledged in any publication resulting from research at the DDRS (Appendix 1)
  14. Users must file a Report of Usage of DDRS within 60 days of the close of the project.
  15. Users must submit copies of all publications (electronic or printed) including theses and dissertation, and presentations (electronic or oral) based on use of DDRS for research or education to the Director of Natural Laboratories—even if the publication or presentation is completed after the project has concluded.  MSU also encourages publication of findings.
  16. All voucher specimens collected at DDRS must be deposited in an appropriate natural history collection or museum (Appendix 4).  Associated labels must indicate that the specimen was collected at DDRS with exact and precise collection information—collector, collection number, date of collection, UTM coordinates, habitat-type, soils or substrate for terrestrial specimens, associated species, specific information about specimens (e.g. petal color), etc.  One set of mounted or prepared materials must be submitted to Midwestern State University, unless the Director of Natural Laboratories provides specific written permission to submit to another site.
  17. 17.  All databases and data produced during the approved study and all metadata must be presented to Midwestern State University in an approved electronic format (Appendix 2 and Appendix 5), and the data shall also be made public as soon as the project concludes.
  18. DNA, RNA, protein, and other macromolecular sequences derived from biological materials collected at DDRS must be submitted to appropriate sequence banks.
  19. Patents derived from geological or biological materials collected at DDRS must comply with Midwestern State University rules and regulations with proscribed royalties paid to DDRS and MSU.
  20. Every effort must be made to avoid disturbing existing research projects.  Travel must be by foot and must use established trails whenever possible.  No motorized vehicle of any type may be used, other than on the access road to the shelter and to the viewing area near Dalquest Peak.  Pack animals (burros, mules or horses) are not allowed on the property without written permission from MSU.