A thesis is one of two capstone options.  Completion of a thesis is an excellent opportunity to not only hone your research, analytic, and writing skills. Only students who have completed PSYC 5113 (Research and Statistical Analysis) will be eligible for pursuit of a thesis. 

Completion of a thesis is accomplished in three steps.  Each step must be completed by the prescribed deadlines (see the general announcements on the Current Students Homepage). 

First, students must complete a thesis prospectus.  The purpose of the prospectus is to help ascertain a student's preparedness and potential for completing the thesis in a timely manner.  The prospectus must be completed the semester prior to enrollment in PSYC 6983 (Thesis I). 

Second, students must enroll in and successfully complete PSYC 6983 (Thesis I).  Students must obtain committee approval of the thesis project while enrolled in PSYC 6983.  A student may only enroll in PSYC 6983 one time during his/her academic career.  Failure to obtain committee approval to pursue the thesis research in PSYC 6993 will render the student ineligible to enroll in PSYC 6993. Under these circumstances, no credits will be granted for PSYC 6983 and the transcript grade will remain “X” which will not influence the student’s graduate GPA. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Department Chair. 

The third, and final step is completion of the thesis.  Upon successful completion of PSYC 6983, students will enroll in PSYC 6993.  While it is anticipated that a student will be able to complete the the thesis during a single semester of PSYC 6993, should s/he require additional semesters, s/he will be required to continuously enroll in PSYC 6993 until the completion of the thesis project.  Additional information and details regarding the thesis process and product are found in the links below, in the Graduate Handbook and in the Graduate Catalog