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Global Studies 

(33 Hours total)

(Minimum of 18 advanced hours)


Global Studies Core: (9 hours, all courses also fulfill areas of the core)

  • INTS 2503 Introduction to Global Studies (CultGloUnd)
  • HIST 1433 Western Civilization II (LangPhilCul)
  • ECON 2333 Principles of Macroeconomics (SocBehaSci)


Markets: (Six hours from the following)

ECON 3553 Economic Geography

ECON 3703 Money Banking and Monetary Policy

ECON 3713 History of Economic Thought

ECON 4643 International Economics and Finance

ECON 4663 Special Topics in Economics

ECON 4723 Comparative Economic Systems


Governance and Conflict: (Six hours from the following)

POLS 3533 Government and Politics of Western Europe

POLS 3543 Government and Politics of Eastern Europe

POLS 3553 Government and Politics of Central Eurasia

POLS 3563 Government and Politics of the Middle East

POLS 3573 African Politics

POLS 3583 Government and Politics of Latin America

POLS 3593 Asian Politics

POLS 3653 International Relations

POLS 4333 International Law

POLS 4453 Political Protest and Revolutions
POLS 4773 International Conflict

POLS 4853 Contemporary American Foreign Policy

POLS 4933 Special Topics in Government and Politics


Peoples of the World: (Six hours from the following)

HIST 3123 Early Modern England

HIST 3133 Comparative World Religions and Cultures

HIST 3153 Modern Britain and British Empire

HIST 3503 Early Russia and Tsardom

HIST 3513 The Modern Russian State and Empire

HIST 3833 Latin American History, Colonial Period

HIST 3843 Latin American History, Republican Period-Nineteenth Century

HIST 4173 History of Mexico

HIST 4183 Latin America: Nationalism in the Twentieth Century

HIST 4253 Renaissance and Reformation

HIST 4263 Modern France

HIST 4373 Modern Germany

HIST 4433 Twentieth Century Europe

HIST 4523 Eastern Europe

HIST 4543 History of the Middle East

HIST 4643 United States-Latin American Relations


Global Engagement : (Six hours of the following. To be completed with any combination of the following options)

  1. Internship: POLS 4973 Internship in Political Science or ECON 4893 Internship in Economics
  2. Model United Nations: POLS 4983 Model United Nations
  3. Study Abroad: completion of credits as part of study abroad program in any field
  4. Issues and Problems: BUAD 4993 International Issues in Business; ENSC 3103 Environmental Policies and Laws; HIST 4933 Special Topics in History; POLS 4933 Special Topics in Government and Politics and SOCL 3783 Global Issues
Language: FREN 3333 French Conversation and Composition; FREN 4013 Special Topics in French; GERM 3133 Contemporary German Culture; GERM 3233 German Culture under the Nazi Regime; SPAN 3333 Conversation and Composition and SPAN 4013 Special Topics in Spanish

Requirement for a Minor in Global Studies

(18 Hours)

(Minimum of 12 advanced hours)


  • INTS 2503 Introduction to Global Studies (3 Hours)
  • Six hours each from two of the following Global Studies major clusters Markets, Governance and Conflict, and Peoples of the World to total twelve hours.
  • Three Hours from the Global Engagement cluster

For a minor with degrees other than the Bachelor of Arts the student must, in addition complete  two semester of one foreign language