Congratulations on completing your Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA) certification!

You have previously completed an ARRT accredited RA program, taken the ARRT RRA examination, and have obtained a Baccalaureate degree and now you would like to complete your educational goals.

The MSU RA Program will award you 22 block credit hours for your ARRT RRA examination towards your Master's degree in Radiologic Sciences RA major.

There are three requirements for admission for the MSU RA major in the MSRS Program:

  • Acceptance to MSU Admissions Office- Admissions Office Information
  • Bachelors Degree (please send official transcripts to the Admissions Office)
  • Acceptance to the MSU MSRS Program -MSRS Program Application
  • Current Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA) certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). 

The courses that are offered to RRAs with a previous baccalaureate degree:

MSRS Radiologic Sciences Core          15        

   RADS 5003 Research Methods I    (Campus Component)  3                                 

   RADS 5013 Contemporary Trends in Radiologic Sciences (Campus Component) 3                

   RADS 5023 Legal & Regulatory Considerations (Campus Component)  3

   RADS 5033 Leadership for Change (Campus Component) 

   RADS 6773 Research Methods II   (Online) 3

Graduate Level Electives                      15

   RADS 6003 Special Issues in Radiologic Education (2 semesters Online)  6

   RADS 6113 Special Issues in Radiologic Administration (Online)  3  

   RADS 6333 Special Issues in Radiologist Assistant (2 semesters Online)  6

The program uses hybrid distance education delivery, which means you will travel to the MSU Campus (Wichita Falls, Texas) twice a semester for 3 days each time. Students come to campus four (4) times over the course of the program for the courses with campus components.