Year 1
Fall Semester
CRJU 1113
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Spring Semester
CRJU 2933
Judicial Systems and Practices OR
CRJU 2223
Legal Aspects of Corrections
Year 2
Fall Semester
CRJU 2233
Police Systems and Practices OR
CRJU 2243
Correctional Systems and Practices
Spring Semester
CRJU 2943
Writing for the Criminal Justice Professional OR
CRJU 2123
Police-Community Relations
CRJU 2000
Level Course
Year 3
Fall Semester
CRJU 3213
Research Methods
Advanced Course
Spring Semester
Advanced Course
Advanced Course
CRJU 2213
Introduction to Criminal Law
Year 4
Fall Semester
CRJU 4213
Criminal Law
Advanced Course
Spring Semester
Advanced Course


CRJU advanced courses recommended for those interested in graduate school include:
CRJU 3933
The Judicial System and Process
CRJU 4203
Civil Liability for Criminal Justice Professionals
CRJU 4143
Family Law
CRJU 4223
Criminal Procedure
CRJU 4233
Constitutional Law
CRJU 4253
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Note: Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree should strongly consider taking a statistics course. Students interested in obtaining a graduate degree in the field of criminal justice should strongly consider taking both a criminology and statistics course.

This includes any master’s, doctorate, or law degree.

It should not be assumed that the classes will be offered during the semester in which they are listed here. Please consult the fall, spring, and summer schedule of classes (as well as your advisor) to ensure you are meeting the requirements for both the BSCJ as well as the University.

Additional advanced courses are recommended beyond what is required.