• You will become a better musician.
  • You will learn many, many new songs, games, techniques, and ideas.
  • You will save HOURS of time on lesson planning because of more effective and detailed long-range planning and more organized materials.
  • Your lessons will become more efficient, effective, enjoyable, and intentional.
  • If you teach instrumental or choral students, you will learn strategies to teach ear training, intonation, improvisation, and composition to your students.
  • Our curriculum combines a strong basis in Kodály tradition and time-tested methodology with research-based innovation and openness to the most effective new techniques and tools, including those found in other approaches.

"The Kodaly Teacher Institute at MSU is a wonderful opportunity led by fantastic and skilled faculty. I'm so glad that I decided to start my training directly out of college and I feel more confident about my teaching potential even after Level 1. Gaining more materials for use in the classroom, learning how to analyze material before bringing it in front of my students, and challenging myself musically are just a few of the exciting reasons I'm glad I pursued training in Kodaly. I'm also very happy to have met new educators, mentors, and friends in the process. I think that anyone in the music education field should pursue training in Kodaly."

Morgan Roberson - Long-Term Music Substitute Teacher (Charlottesville, Virginia)