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Core Values

On September 28-29, 2021, 109 members of Midwestern State University —students, faculty, staff and community—gathered to identify the core values that unite us. It is now time to get input from the entire 6,500 people of the MSU Texas Mustangs family on the work that began at the Values Summit.



Icon of a heart being held in hands to depict People-Centered Value.

Engage others with respect, empathy, and joy 

> Honor and act upon the unique needs of all people

> Celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of every person in every role

> Empower others through personal attention to unlock ground-breaking potential

> Commit to attract, recruit, and retain a workforce reflective of our students

> Create a welcoming environment that fosters trust, teamwork, well-being, and fun

> Develop activities embracing meaningful traditions

Icon of three horses of various color to depict the Community Value.

Cultivate a welcoming and belonging campus environment

> Promote a culture of welcoming and belonging

> Nurture a safe and open environment for difficult conversations

> Welcome honest communication and constructive feedback

> Recognize, acknowledge, and dismantle barriers to success

> Provide meaningful and accessible support to the MSU community


Icon of a compass indicating the north position with the MSU Hardin Bell Tower in the middle to depict Integrity Value.

Always do the right thing

> Act honorably and respectfully in all situations

> Take responsibility for our words and actions

> Learn and grow from successes and failures

> Communicate and act with honesty, humility, and transparency

> Make courageous and ethical decisions

Icon of a shooting star with two smaller stars to depict the Visionary Value.

Adopt innovative ideas to pioneer new paths

> Inspire and empower others through and beyond the educational experience

> Foster an environment of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity

> Champion continuous institutional progress

> Collaborate to explore opportunities and overcome challenges


Icon of an individual reaching out to touch the nose of a horse to depict the Connections Value.

Value relationships with broader communities

> Forge pathways for experiential learning beyond the campus

> Encourage open communication, service, and collaboration wherever we go

> Create genuine bonds where each person feels recognized and valued

> Collaborate to develop programs that benefit our communities

> Share and celebrate the Mustangs can-do spirit

The information above was last updated September 1, 2023.