Mission Statement

The Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC) at Midwestern State University is founded on the belief that the university community is the optimal context for expanding discourse among faculty, staff and students. In concert with the mission of the university, TLRC supports all members of the university community, both on campus as well as at a distance, in the continuous development of lifelong learners. The TLRC seeks to promote a collaborative community supportive of teaching excellence. Congruent with the university’s goal of being a liberal arts education leader, the Center’s focus is on providing avenues for expanding communication among all communities of interest locally, regionally, and globally.


  • Provide a timely, user-friendly source of effective communication among faculty, staff and students, as we strive for teaching excellence
  • Provide leadership in locating and accessing effective strategies to enhance teaching and learning
  • Maintain a voluntary faculty mentoring program, with special emphasis on new faculty
  • Link education resources from the registrar, admissions, webmaster, distance education, and other relevant sources to facilitate teaching and learning
  • Develop programs and workshops that enhance the teaching-learning experience for all members of the university community
  • Provide cultural diversity learning opportunities for the purpose of increased understanding both in teaching and learning

Committee Members

2022 - 2023 Committee Members
Dr. Sanchari Choudhury
Dr. Kyung Lee Gagum
Dr. Tammy Kurszewski
Mika Morgan
Jonathon Quam
Ryan Samuelson
Dr. Carrie Taylor