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Thank you for exploring the services offered at Midwestern State University. From the Texas Success Initiative to ACT & SAT exams, and access to a Prometric Center facility, we're here to support your journey.

Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program which was developed by the 78th Texas State Legislature (and modified in 2013) under which all undergraduate students, who are not  exempt, are required to take the TSI Assessment.

The basic skills tested are reading, writing and mathematics. The writing component includes an essay. Students who fail a section of the TSI Assessment may be required to enroll in a developmental course(s) in that area.

Already taken the TSI or TSIA2 Assessment elsewhere?  Send an email with your full name, MSU ID number, and date of birth to  admissions@msutexas.edu and we will search the online database for your scores.  (NOTE: Do not send this email if you tested at Midwestern State University).

IMPORTANT!  Students who do not have test scores on file will not be allowed to register for classes, unless they are exempt. Therefore, prospective students should provide proof of an exemption or schedule to take the TSI Assessment as soon as possible so that scores will be available in time for orientation and registration.

Check your specific TSI status on WebWorld:  Current MSU students and newly admitted students can check their TSI status on WebWorld through the  MSU Texas Portal.  Login and then on the left side under QuickLaunch Navigation, click on Student Records, then TSI, Drop Limit and Core Curriculum.

Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA):  Students who must take the TSI Assessment are first required to complete the online Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). The PAA gives information about the TSI Assessment, what to expect, sample questions, and resources which MSU offers. Before taking the PAA, make sure you know your TSI status and if you are required to test and for which sections. When you are ready, you may take it at https://practice.accuplacer.org/login. The PAA is required prior to taking the TSI Assessment.

Students who were officially enrolled in a Texas public college or university prior to Fall 2013 or those who registered prior to late registration for Fall 2013:  Students under the former TSI rules were allowed to take the following assessment tests to demonstrate their level of college readiness in math and English:  TSI Preview THEA (formerly TASP), Accuplacer, Asset, or Compass.  Students transferring to MSU from a Texas public college or university, having already completed TSI, will be coded as TSI complete at MSU.  Any student wanting to retest must use the new TSI Assessment.

  • Midwestern State University is an official testing site for the TSI Assessment.
  • Students taking the TSI Assessment at MSU should ask to have their scores sent to the MSU Registrar's Office.
  • Students taking the TSI Assessment at any other Texas college or university will have to request through that institution that an official copy of their scores be mailed to the MSU Registrar's Office.  (Student copies and faxes are not considered official.  Scores must be mailed directly to MSU from the issuing institution).


To complete the TSI Assessment at MSU, choose from the options below. 

For US citizens & residents, connect to TSI representatives via email at TSI.Domestic@msutexas.edu.

For non-US citizens, connect to TSI representatives via email at TSI.International@msutexas.edu.

American College Test (ACT)

National ACT
This standardized test is used to gain entrance into colleges and universities.

  1. What is the ACT?
    The ACT assessment is a standardized exam used for admission purposes. The exam measures skills in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.
  2. When can I take the ACT?
    The ACT exam is administered nationwide six times per year. Please see the ACT Registration Packet or visit the ACT website for the day, time and location.
  3. How can I register for the ACT?
    You can register to take the ACT in several ways:

For questions pertaining to the administration on test days, please contact DaNette Stalnaker at danette.stalnaker@msutexas.edu.

SAT Program


Midwestern State Universities site number is: 44-912

National SAT

The SAT Program consists of the SAT Test.

  1. SAT Test:  The SAT measures the critical reading, mathematics, and writing abilities that are important to college success. The score scale range is from 200 to 800. The SAT is 4 hours primarily multiple choice.
  2. New Security Changes:  All stand-by testing, date changes, and/or test center changes will no longer be allowed on test day.  Every candidate must have an admission ticket in order to be admitted to the test.  NO TICKET = NO ADMITTANCE  AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

You can get more information on the SAT, the new security requirements, and how to register for the test by visiting the College Board website.

For questions pertaining to the administration on test days, please contact DaNette Stalnaker at danette.stalnaker@msutexas.edu.

Prometric Center

Testing lab



Please visit prometric.com.


The Prometric Center is located in Hardin South and cannot be reached from the second floor of Hardin Administration Building. Stairs are available at the front and rear of Hardin South. An elevator is located next to Financial Aid.

Testing center map

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