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General Eligibility  
All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in all Recreational Sport’s offerings.  All students must be currently enrolled at MSU.

An individual may not participate on more than one team per sport; however, a player may participate in the Men’s/Women’s division and the Co-Ed division if both are offered in a single sport. Once participants play one game on a team’s roster, they may not play on another team throughout that sport's regular season and playoffs.

Please see our Policies and Eligibility document for complete information regarding the Recreational Sports Department’s policies and procedures.

Recreational Sports at Midwestern State University are a fun and competitive activity for all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff.  Any language or actions deemed offensive or vulgar will not be tolerated and result in ejection from the game and potential suspension from future Recreational Sports games, events, and/or tournaments.

All teams and individuals will be given a sportsmanship rating on a scale from 0-4 after each event.  A team or individual that drops below an average of 3.0 they will not be eligible for playoffs. If this occurs during the playoffs, they will be deemed ineligible to move on in the playoff bracket.

View all Rules and Eligibility.

Entry Procedures  
All teams and individuals can register online by clicking the link: General sign-up information may be found at the Student Wellness Center Office, Room 152.

Certain sports will require each team member to be present at a Captain’s Meeting before the season or tournament.  If a team representative (who does not have to be the captain) is not present and did not get prior permission to miss the meeting from the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports, that team will not be scheduled to participate in the league or tournament.

Selection of the Team Name
Team names must be approved by the Department of Recreational Sports.  Team names or acronyms known to be degrading or suggest profanity will not be accepted and will be changed with notice given to the team captain.

League and Tournament Structure
In major team sports, a round-robin format will be administered for the regular season (league format). All teams that do not forfeit more than once and maintain an eligible sportsmanship rating during league play will be eligible for the post-season playoffs. Following the regular season, teams will be seeded according to their league records. All rosters are frozen after the regular season is completed.

Individual, Dual and Special Event 
All teams and individuals can register online by clicking the link: General sign-up information may be found at the Student Wellness Center Office, Room 152.

At many of these events, participants will be able to show up with his/her MSU ID to participate. Pre-registered individuals will automatically be guaranteed a tournament spot if there are limited spaces. Individuals and teams will be seeded based on a random draw before play.

All participants must present their MSU ID card at each contest before participation to verify eligibility status.  Participants not having their MSU ID card may be allowed to participate at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports with a picture ID and verification of their status with MSU.

Each participant is responsible for his/her eligibility status. Team captains confirm the eligibility or suspension of their players on their roster. The Recreational Sports Department does not assume the responsibility for checking the eligibility of the participant unless specifically requested to do so (formal protest) by a team captain.

It should be noted the Director of Recreational Sports reserves the right to assess a penalty if circumstances warrant such action.


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