“A Brief Tour of Texas: Recent Archeological Investigations Around the State”

This conversation is a brief survey of several archaeological operations around Texas using recent activities of the Texas Archaeological Society, the Texas Archaeological Steward Network of the Texas Historical Commission, the Texas Tech archaeology Dept. and avocational efforts. We will examine sites of prehistoric Native cultures from the Paleo past to just before European contact, Spanish Colonial interests, the Republic of Texas, an African American presence, very recent archaeological efforts in Conflict Archaeology, and even some Marine Archeology.

Biography: Joe Rogers is a retired public-school teacher who taught Vocational Trades and Industry and History classes for over 30 years. He now lives in Hereford Texas with his wife Cindy.

Joe found archaeology as a serious avocational interest in 2000 while attending a summer field school for the Texas Archaeological Society in Marfa, he was ‘Hooked’.  He has worked in over 25 field school experiences in Texas and several other salvage and CRM projects throughout the state.

He is a Past President of both the Texas Archaeological Society and the Panhandle Archeological Society.  He also served as TAS Region I director, and as an Archaeological Steward for the Texas Historical Commission for almost 20 years.

He is currently teaching History and Archaeology at West Texas A&M as a Part-Time Instructor.