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 Stowe and Gomez

Isadora Stowe and Dr. Manuela Gomez

Sight and Insight: Unpacking the Philosophical Insights of Visual Rhetoric

Thursday, April 25, 2024

2:00 - 3:30 pm
Fain C106

7:00 - 8:15 pm
Dillard 101

The Internet has transformed image communication, prompting this presentation to deepen students' awareness as image creators and equip educators with tools for promoting visual equity.

Drawing from six years of collaborative research, Art Professor Isadora Stowe, MFA, and Philosophy Professor Dr. Manuela Gomez from El Paso Community College, TX, will explore the philosophical implications of visual culture, offering relevant insights and resources applicable to all courses integrating image creation.

The presentation and accompanying workshop will be relevant to any courses that incorporate image creation. Participants will receive homework assignments and additional resources to facilitate ongoing discussions within their classrooms.

For more information, please contact Dr. John Schulze.   

The Speakers and Issues Series was born in 2001, thanks to the vision of co-founders Dr. Charles Olson and Mr. John Hirschi and out of discussions between academicians and members of the community, all centered on the idea of bringing, on a regular basis, informed and creative speakers to the community in a context that would attract an audience from the academic and municipal communities.

The range of topics was conceived to encompass a broad spectrum of topics from the creative to the historical, the political, and the scientific spheres. Speakers and Issues Series has brought to campus speakers who have come from all corners of the world of human knowledge.