Sunwatcher Village

Sunwatcher Village
The independence of an apartment without losing the advantages of on-campus living.

Sunwatcher Village is a garden-style apartment community that caters to the needs of upper-class students. Nine buildings are situated on Louis J. Rodriguez Drive allowing for easy access to campus life. You can easily walk to any building at MSU Texas in less than 5 minutes. Four-bedroom/two-bathroom and two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartments are available. Sunwatcher Village is the perfect apartment for any college student who is seeking independence and privacy while still taking advantage of on-call staff, Resident Assistants assigned to their buildings, and the resources and connections provided to the on-campus community.

Understanding the unique needs of our transfer students, Sunwatcher Village is also home to our Transfer Student Living Learning Program. Moving to a new city and a new university while taking advanced level classes can provide extra stress. This community focuses on meeting Transfer Students' unique needs and provides resources and guidance along while allowing the students to maintain their independence.

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  • Capacity: 336
  • Number of Buildings/Floors: Eight Buildings/ Three Floors
  • Gender: Coed by apartment
  • Room Style: Four Bedroom/Two Bathroom & Two Bedroom/ Two Bathroom Apartments with full kitchens and shared living areas
  • Mattress Size: Full 
  • Included Furniture: Bedroom - Bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, built-in closet, and blinds; Living room - seating for four people, coffee table and dining room table with four chairs
  • Included Appliances: Washer and dryer, refrigerator, electric stove and oven, microwave, dishwasher, and double sink with garbage disposal
Mailing Address
3704 Louis J. Rodriguez Apt # ***A/B/C/D
Wichita Falls, TX 76308


  • Fully Furnished
  • All Bills Paid
  • Conference Room
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Digital Cable TV hookup
  • In-room Laundry
  • Full Kitchen 
  • Easy walking access to campus
Sunwatcher Village 4 bedroom/2 bathroom blueprint layout.
Sunwatcher Village 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom blueprint layout.
Sunwatcher Village's Building 2 exterior day. Building 2 is a three-story red-bricked building with a gray roof and white accents. The building is divided in two by a white metal staircase. Each floor has four windows on each side, and the blinds are closed so you cannot see inside. Large green bushes are on either side of a path leading through the grass to the covered stairwell. The blue sky is dotted with puffy white clouds.
Sunwatcher Village, two-bedroom apartment, interior. Two students are talking in one of the bedrooms of Sunwatcher Village's two-bedroom/ two-bathroom apartments. The picture is taken just outside of the doorway of the bedroom and you can see part of the refrigerator on the right-hand side of the image. Through the doorway, you can see a full-size bed elevated off the ground allowing for storage underneath. It is positioned against the far corner of the room next to a large window. The dresser has been positioned next to the bed providing a space for a lamp and various items. There is a ceiling fan in the center of the room and a bright rug on the carpeted floor. The right side of the room is not seen due to the door being partially open.
Sunwatcher Village, four-bedroom apartment kitchen, interior, move-in ready. The Sunwatcher Village kitchen is move-in ready meaning that the picture was taken prior to students moving in for the semester. The kitchen sits just off of the entryway. On the right, tan countertops and wooden cabinets line the wall. A stove/oven sits in the middle of the countertop with a microwave mounted above the stove connected to the ventilation system. A full-size refrigerator at the end of the kitchen area. A small wall divides the kitchen from the dryer. Metal shelving can be seen above the dryer. Opposite this wall is another counter space with an elevated bar area, but no wall, so the top section is open to the living room (not seen in this image). A two-compartment sink sits opposite the oven in the center of the countertop and a floor-to-ceiling cupboard sits across from the refrigerator. The washing machine (not in view) is across from the dryer next to the cupboard.
Sunwatcher Village, four-bedroom apartment living room, interior, move-in ready. The Sunwatcher Village living room is move-in ready meaning that the picture was taken prior to students moving in for the semester. This picture was taken standing next to the kitchen looking towards the window on the far wall of the living area. A cushioned chair is positioned in front of the window facing towards a coffee table in the center of the room. To the left, a wooden TV stand sits along the wall. Across from it on the right wall is a large plush couch. A kitchen table can be seen on the right-hand side of the picture against the bar area (not seen in this picture) that divides the kitchen from the living room.