Sundance Court

Sundance Court
A quiet luxury apartment with the convenience of on-campus living.


Sundance Court sets the standard for on-campus apartment living with the independence you expect from an apartment and the convenience and resources of living on campus. Sundance offers both four-bedroom/two-bathroom units and two-bedroom/two-bathroom units for students. These apartments boast all modern technological amenities with spacious floor plans and walk-in closets. These apartments are located on campus on the corner of Louis J. Rodriguez and Midwestern Pkwy across from the Bruce and Graciela Redwine Student Wellness Center.


  • Capacity: 274
  • Number of Floors: 3
  • Gender: Coed by apartment
  • Room Style: Four Bedroom/Two Bathroom & Two Bedroom/Four Bathroom Apartments with full kitchens and a shared living area
  • Mattress Size: Full
  • Included Furniture: Bedroom - Bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, built-in closet, and blinds; Living room - seating for four people, coffee table and dining room table with four chairs
  • Included Appliances: Washer and dryer, refrigerator, electric stove and oven, microwave, dishwasher, and double sink with garbage disposal
Mailing Address
3990 Louis J. Rodriguez Apt # ***A/B/C/D
Wichita Falls, TX 76308


  • Fully Furnished
  • All Bills Paid
  • Outdoor Grill Area/Fire Place
  • Computer Labs
  • Study Rooms
  • Game Room
  • Conference Room
  • Digital Cable TV hook up
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Full-Size Bed
  • In-room laundry
  • Full Kitchen
  • Across from the Wellness Center and Sikes Lake Trail
Sundance Court four bedroom, two bathroom blueprint layout.
Sundance Court two bedroom, two bathroom blueprint layout.
Sundance Court's central courtyard exterior during the day. The central courtyard at Sundance is surrounded by the 'C' shaped building. The archways surrounding the porch leading to the main lobby entrance take up the majority of the image with the north wing running along the left side of the image. A large round flowerbed surrounded by a walkway is filled with pink rose bushes. A lamppost and benches sit in the grass between the paths and wooden tables can be seen in the shade under the porch leading to the main lobby.
Sundance Court, looking down from the second story onto the main lounge, interior. Four students occupy the main lounge on the bottom floor of Sundance Court. The picture was taken from the second story lounge looking down. This square lounge area is situated in front of the glass double entrance to Sundance Court. Two cushioned chairs flanked by end tables sit against the windows on the edge of a square rug in the center of the tiled space. A coffee table is positioned on the rug with two green couches on either side and two more chairs mirroring the ones by the window creating a square seating area. Bookshelves line the far wall and the room is lit by various lamps, wall lights, and the afternoon sun coming in through the window. The first story's ceiling is open to the second story where another lounge can just be seen surrounding the first like a square balcony. Wood and metal railing line the balcony and a few high-top tables and chairs can be seen on the second story, but the rest of the second lounge is cut from view due to the angle of the shot.
Sundance Two Bedroom Apartment, decorated living room interior. Six students are gathered in the living room area of a Sundance Court two-bedroom apartment. This picture is taken from the corner of the room looking towards the kitchen. From the left, a window can be seen along the wall with curtains One student sits in a chair along the wall, and two more sit on a couch with their backs towards the camera facing a coffee table in the center of the room with a ceiling fan above and tv on a tv stand situated along the far wall. Another student stands in the doorway of one of the bedrooms situated next to the TV. To the right of the living room, a bar area separates the living room from the kitchen and the last two students are sitting on wooden chairs at the bar. Behind them, the top row of cabinets in the kitchen can be seen along with a full-size refrigerator and microwave sitting above a stove. A long fluorescent light is on the ceiling in the kitchen. The carpet in the living room turns into laminated wood floors in the kitchen.
Sundance Court Bedroom, decorated interior.