McCullough-Trigg Hall

McCullough-Trigg Hall
A private atmosphere and tight-knit community not far from the action of on-campus life.

McCullough-Trigg Hall accommodates approximately 150 students in suite-style, co-ed housing units. McCullough-Trigg is very popular with students who desire a more private, suite-style living space. Groups of four students live in private rooms and share a bathroom and a small common area within the suite. McCullough-Trigg offers more privacy than the traditional residence hall while providing the benefit of a community atmosphere with other students living in their suite and on their floor. Trigg is one of the residence halls encompassing Legacy Courtyard, and students can easily step out of their quiet retreat into the hustle and bustle of on-campus life.

This community also houses special interest groups led by Residence Assistants (RAs), focusing on exciting topics such as True Crime, Movies, Anime, Chess, and Gaming.


  • Capacity: 152
  • Number of floors: 6
  • Gender: Coed by floor
  • Room Style: Suite style, private bedrooms attached by a small shared living area
  • Bathrooms: private; shared by 4 suitemates
  • Mattress Size: Standard Twin
  • Included furniture: Bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, built-in closets, blinds, micro-fridge, and microwave

Mailing Address
3705 Louis J. Rodriguez Dr., (Box Number*)
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099

*Students will receive their box number from the MSU Texas Post Office upon arriving on campus


  • Key card entrance
  • Community front desk
  • Two elevators
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV
  • In-room sink
  • Community lounges and study spaces
  • Community kitchen (located on the first floor)
  • Laundry facilities (located on the first floor)
  • Easy courtyard access
McCullough-Trigg Hall Floor Plan. Suite style room with two private rooms attached to a small living area. Each bedroom contains a bed, desk, closet with built-in shelves, a window, and a door that can be locked for privacy. The living area contains a coach, sink/vanity area and micro-fridge, and microwave. The main door to each suite is located in the living area and connects to the main hall. Four students share one bathroom which connects two small living areas together.
Legacy Courtyard as seen from a drone at dusk. The main walkway of Legacy Courtyard starts at the bottom left-hand corner and leads past Killingsworth Hall on the left and McCullough-Trigg Hall on the right. The main north entrance of Trigg can be seen along with all 6 floors. Just behind Trigg, Legacy Hall and Sundance Court can be seen as well as the Wichita Falls skyline stretching towards the horizon. The courtyard is lit with lamp posts along the walkways and the Legacy Commons located on the bottom floor of Legacy Hall, is brightly lit and the light spills out onto the main courtyard.
McCullough-Trigg Hall exterior as seen from the top of Killingsworth Hall looking across Legacy Courtyard. This image was taken on a warm spring day with the landscaping in full bloom and some clouds in the sky. All six floors of McCullough-Trigg Hall's south side can be seen along with the south entrance. The trees, picnic tables, and a bike rack along the Trigg side of the Legacy Courtyard can be seen just outside of the entrance.
McCullough-Trigg Hall's first-floor lounge interior is seen from the doorway looking towards the far right-hand corner of the room. A television on a stand is in the far right corner near a window. Coaches, coffee tables, and a house plant line the walls creating a large space that can be rearranged for casual meetings, social functions, or relaxed study space.
McCullough-Trigg Hall, bedroom interior. A lofted bed sits along the left wall, the mattress is even with the door handle providing extra storage space below the bed. We can see a few pairs of shoes sticking out under the long bed skirt. A built-in double shelf sits above the head of the bed with decorations, books, and pictures. The only other thing along the wall with the shelves is the door to the room which is currently open to reveal the shared living area and the main door to the suite. The vanity can be seen just outside of the bedroom door on the left and a second door leading to the bathroom. A rug sits in the bedroom covering the laminated wood floor seen throughout the suite.
McCullough-Trigg Hall, living room interior. Looking into the living room from the main doorway, you see a couch and chair along the left wall covered in blankets and pillows. An ottoman sits in the middle of the room on top of a rug that covers the laminated hardwood floors. A decorative drink shelf sits in the middle of the far left wall. In the corner to the right of the shelf is a TV on top of a square 9 shelf that is functioning as a tv shelf. Next to the TV on the far right wall, one of the bedroom doors is open revealing part of a lofted bed and posters hung on the bedroom wall. Next to the door is an end table that was repurposed as a stand for the micro-fridge and microwave.